Friday, July 22, 2016

Halcyon Days: Celebrate art at Buku Buku Kafe this coming July 23!

The moment I found this quaint little nook called Buku Buku Kafe, I knew I have to come back. Luckily, Buku Buku has been doing a lot of events these days and coming back is so not out of the question. From spoken word and open mic sessions to creative workshops, this cafe has come a long way in being a haven not only for bookworms but for artists as well.

This coming Saturday (July 23), we will be treated again to some magic as Buku Buku Kafe organized Halcyon Days, a day to celebrate art with some music, live art and, of course, some spoken poetry.

This is indeed a nice poster. 

The event features performances from Reese Lansangan (!!!), Hoochie Coochie Mikkie, Kim Allen, Pia Besmonte and Jasmine May Nabong -- and will be held from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM on July 23 (Saturday). No door charges/tickets are required! But a minimum of order(s) worth 150 pesos is needed to attend the event. I repeat, that 150 pesos is consumable. Not bad, eh? 

So... if you're in for good music/poetry AND good food, OR if you don't have anything planned on Saturday and you just wanna chill... this is the perfect event for you! See you there! :*

Find and connect with Buku Buku Kafe on:

Shameless plugging: You can also connect with ME (while you're at it) on:

Quick fact!
A quick google search of "halcyon" revealed some interesting things:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

On self esteem and having a choice

Being in the middle of the work hustle and the city rush, deep thinking was out of the question. I can't remember the last time I ever truly did it. So when I embarked on a quick escape far south of the country last February, I was prepared to face my demons.

You know what I discovered? Being in an unfamiliar place really does something to a person. And I'm not sure what's with me one faithful day in that trip but I uncharacteristically snapped a picture of me (a selfie that is, which I haven't done in a while) and wrote something and posted it on my social media accounts.

A photo posted by Riza Ponciano (@rzzzp) on

First selfie in a very long while - at least something I am not feeling insecure to post at the moment. It sucks realizing how many hours I spend in a day trying to pick at all of my faults. I think too much, I am over-critical towards myself. I am obsessed at condemning myself for not being perfect and, to be honest, most days I can't even look straight at the mirror because I don't like what I see. But today, I am happy. And I snapped this one in hopes of freezing this moment to remind me that there are better days and I just need to wait for it - or in desperate times, create it myself. Such cliché, I know, and I might even delete this after a time (I hope I won't)... but yeah, here I am actually trying to make an effort to go easy on myself. Baby steps, baby steps. 😊 #cheesybaby

Well, that's me. Pimple scars, awkward smiles, and all. Not my best look, but in one of my best states of mind. It's weird - the way all my imperfections are magnified the moment I caught my reflection in any mirror:
Hair that don't seem to stay in place.
Puffy eyebags from lack of sleep.
Smile that never quite reach the eyes.
"You should give up looking for lost cats and start searching for the other half of the shadow" - Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore
This particular post from @PoemsPorns hit the hardest:
"The hardest person to love has always been yourself. 
You who sips your cup of black coffee every morning, you with the untamed hair and wrinkled sweaters, you with your habit of overthinking, you with your tongue of quirkiness and you with you weird mannerisms and you you you- 
You with the long quiet sighs when you're having a bad day. You with all you imperfections on the tips of your fingers and memorised like the back of your hand. You with insecurities that you at times think as ridiculous and you - you only being human. 
The hardest person to love was always yourself. 
Because in a world of colour and shapes; how could you even imagine fitting yourself in it like a missing piece to a puzzle? In a world of society rules and standards, how could you - you find a place for your imperfections to flow out and for your insecurities to fade into something along the lines of pride? 
You have to love yourself. 
Trace your lines of imperfection with gentle fingertips; breathe in your insecurities like the air of autumn and winds of spring. Be perfect in you own way; whispering how being you was being beautiful and how other people don't matter and how you were always so beautiful beautiful beautiful- 
The hardest person to love was always yourself."

I've struggled with self-esteem issues for years now --
     despite having my wants almost always being served in a platter
     despite the college degree and graduating with honors
     despite having a stable job
     despite having a decent life, family
--  despite everything.

But it's just that. There's nothing wrong with me physically but sometimes, I feel like, inside, I am an absolute mess. I go outside and feel so self conscious it's not even funny. It's like a mark - the way I feel like all the negative things in my head are seeping from my skin and has taken a physical form. The way they always feel so apparent, so concrete.

I may not be able to shake the feeling, at least not immediately -- but one thing that's different right now is that I AM FINALLY TRYING. It took years and years to realize that everything is just all in my head. That my issues are, somehow, self- imposed. That I can break free ONLY IF I want to.

I have the choice. When I let the negative come out, it's my fault. But, if I can be okay for at least a day, that means that my efforts are paying off -- even a little. Realizing I have the choice is still million ways better than accepting the fate to just drown as if you can't do anything about it. Because, in reality, you can.

Somehow, all of these are everything and nothing at the same time. It's like a seed, embedded deep in your brain, that grew so wild so deep that it's hard to get it out without damaging your head. Along the lines, it became a part of me. Almost a significant part of being myself that I cannot even imagine existing without it.

But it shouldn't be, right? It shouldn't.

So all the damage be damned, but I'll struggle to pull this out of my system. Struggling is fine. Struggling is a beauty -- especially if you're doing it to salvage whatever's left of yourself. Saving yourself can always be a choice. I know. Because I've been wanting to choose it over and over but always, always, fail in the process. But I'll succeed somehow - in time. So for the meantime, #HangOn, self!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

#WeekendChronicles: National Museum of the Philippines

And so, the weekly getaway continues. Next stop: the National Museum of the Philippines. It's a bit embarrassing to declare that it was our first time visiting the museum considering the fact that we live so close by... but hey, it's never too late to try. 

Besides, the National Museum extended its free admission throughout June because of the Philippine  Independence Day (June 12) and Dr. Jose Rizal's birth anniversary (June 19)! The free admission covers their flagship museums in Manila: NM of Fine Arts  and NM of Anthropology. It also covers the NM Planetarium, as well as those in the regions: Vigan, Kiangan, Kabayan, Angono-Binangonan Pteroglyphs, Tabaco, Bohol, Butuan and Jolo (Sulu). We visited the National Art Gallery

So if you haven't visited it yet, or you just have some free time to kill, better do it to appreciate the art and beauty of the Philippine history as seen through the NM's exhibits. Luckily, in line with this auspicious month for the Philippines, they also opened the Manlilikha ng Bayan (National Living Treasures) and "Remembering Joya" (which we absolutely loved!) exhibitions this month!

In transit.
We commuted from Cavite. It was a pretty quick commute, 1-2 hours tops.

Arriving at the Museum: It was a typical day, but there were many people, mostly students, because of their promo. I have high expectations for this is the first time I am visiting the site -- and  thinking that this big building houses so much memento of the Philippine history just about blows my mind. It is a really freaky, but amazing thing if you think about it.

Beyond this door lies the Philippines' Treasures!
This post will contain so many pictures, so beware. :D More of this after the jump! 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

#WeekendChronicles: Buku Buku Kafe

T'was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I was planning to convert our little bedroom corner into an office area but then electricity suddenly went off and boom - I've nowhere to go. Good thing I remembered this book cafe relatively near our place that I've been meaning to try since I saw it in blogs. So naturally, I picked up my things, got my sister to accompany me, and the next thing I know, we are positioning ourselves in this cute cafe.

Buku Buku Kafe is a book cafe located at The District Imus. This is such a pretty big deal for me because I've been looking for book cafes in the likes of those in QC and Makati here at Cavite. The thing is, most of the cafes (that serve decent to pretty good coffee) here are so mainstream. I've been craving that indie vibe, that comfy feeling. And now, we have it! Nice, nice. Now, I don't really need to go to Maginhawa or some far off place to experience authentic book cafe #feels.

More of this after the jump!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

#WeekendChronicles: Secret Lives of Books

Finally, an update in eons! Apologies, for blogging seems to take a backseat in my life these past few days. But hey, I'm here to at least water this dried up place. Here goes:

I remember RTing a article regarding this exhibit but for some reason totally forgot about it. But alas, Saturday errands accidentally brought us to this. Chanced upon the last day (look how lucky I was) of Karl Castro's Secret Lives of Books at Ayala Museum. It was a free exhibit, so we checked it out anyway. 

Karl Castro has been working on books for the 12 years now and has been collaborating with different writers in bringing their books to the public eye. It's weird, I realized, the way we give so little applause and interest on the persons behind these designs even if (I'm not sure if I am alone in this) this plays a significant part on the way we enjoy the book or even influence us to buy them in the first place. This exhibit highlights the fact that the book's design is as important as the contents itself -- which I quite agree on for I am a huge cover design judger since forever.  (sorry not sorry) 

Read more after the jump!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

5 Stages of Grief

5 Stages of Grief
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Looking back, I noticed that, somehow, I always keep the fourth stage at a minimum -- or, better yet, skip it entirely. Maybe it's intellectualizing the situation -- detaching any emotions, looking at the facts, like what I always do when I try to escape the situation as fast as I can. What I didn't consider is if those stages are required in order to fully move on -- which, now that I think about it, are, I guess, necessary.


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