Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Standard Hell Week Fix: COFFEE!

Midterm season is here – ‘hell week’ as we, college students, termed it. Since I’m a certified ‘night’ person, I really find it easier to study at night. And while some of my roommates are sleeping their heads off, I always find myself still up, wide-eyed almost, and trying to keep busy with my books and handouts in the middle of the night (or dawn, if you may :P ). I once tried drinking a bottle of energy drink out of desperation to not fall asleep in the middle of one of my late night readings, and I really regretted that.  My heart palpitated like crazy, and I seriously thought I was going to die then – so I promised myself not to ever do that again. So that leaves me with no other choice (and it’s a choice I’ve always loved). Of course, this was pretty much out of question – COFFEE.

I’m a very avid coffee-drinker, ever since. Sometimes I wonder when a person could have enough. I know that all things are bad when they’re too much, so I really am trying my best to search for some variety. But of course, a cup of coffee is not always available and besides, nothing beats a favourite. So here are some of my coffee/coffee-alternative fixes:

1. Brewers Pocket Perks 

For those who are an avid coffee fan and a candy lover, this one’s for you. Delight wrapped up in one small pack – Brewers Pocket Perks is one of my favourite buys. I first found this when I was at 7’11 looking for something to eat, and it showed itself at the counter. Each pack comes with 6 soft coffee candies, flavoured differently – (from L to R) Cappuccino, Espresso, and Latte. This can definitely give you an instant buzz whenever you need one. “A quick Cappuccino for that Lazy Sunday Morning; Coffee break after 3 PM? It’s never too Latte; [And] Espresso for crazy late night at work or with your friends.” This is definitely as must buy (for me, teehee), and at a very affordable price that is: 12 php! J

2. Kopiko Candies

The original coffee candy – Kopiko. Out of all coffee candies I’ve tried, it is one the most effective and closest to a real cup of coffee when it comes to giving a buzz (Ok, XO at least stood a chance). If you can’t find a Brewer’s Pocket Perks (like above) at the nearest 7’11 store, you could always settle for something much cheaper but can also give you an instant ‘coffee-like experience’. I recently tried the new Cappuccino-flavoured Kopiko candies, and it’s nice. But if you want something much stronger, do settle for Kopiko original blend (yeah, the black one).

3. Nescafé Esspresso Roast

When it comes to instant coffee products, of course, nothing ever beats Nescafé (at least, here in the Philippines). I was always used to drinking the brand’s ready-to-drink coffee latte. But the cost of a can is really outside my meal budget so I always find it hard to decide whether to buy or not no matter how I love to drink it. Recently, Nescafé has released a new blend of ready-to-drink cold coffee: Espresso Roast. This is one strong coffee I tell you, and it comes in a new affordable size and price: 180 mL at 15php! Whenever I need to study for an exam, I always buy this one because it never fails to serve its purpose, plus I didn’t get that abnormal feeling I had back when I drink a bottle of energy drink. This is one great can of satisfaction, and it tastes good too. J

I could’ve entered Nescafé’s line of instant 3-in-1 coffee mixes (in which the Brown and Creamy blend is my favourite) but it’s already a given. Enjoy drinking/sipping (or whatever) your coffee, Coffee lovers. J

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