Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nǐ hǎo!

August 6, 2011 marks the birth of this blog. I was inspired by Ate Eunice of Laces and Tiaras, so I decided to start anew with Blogger.

This is me, btw.

Much of the introduction has already been mentioned in my sidebar. I’m pretty lame at describing myself, but I’m trying my best here, so here are 20 fast facts about me:
  1. I’m moody. Totally. One moment I’m happy, the next, I’m not.
  2. I generally love music, but I’m really into acoustic renditions and jazzy-feel songs.
  3. I like to write. Besides from the occasional stroke of my hand to express my thoughts, I LOVE to write (literally). I basically spent a day writing nonsense.
  4. I love red! But then there's brown, black, gold.... the list goes on. Autumn palette, mostly
  5. I frequently experience what they call ‘writer’s block’. Not that I’m an expert in writing, I just forget what I want to say, or in other words, can’t express it.
  6. I was born at Rizal Day, 19 years ago -- thus, my name. :))
  7. My existence outside my academic life (since it’s pretty demanding) mainly revolves around my house, my college dormitory, and the internet of course.
  8. I can't get enough of 500 Days of Summer.Up until now, I pretty much believe it's my favorite movie.
  9. Books. Yeah, I love to buy books. And of course, I also love to read them. But I find walking into a bookstore and choosing and scanning books very fascinating. Ah, the scent of the bookstore - the new, and old books alike - is heaven.
  10. I haven’t thought about it actually until now. Well, I pretty much love to eat.
  11. I love chocolates. As in. It is the stimulant that lights up my gloomy moments.
  12. I love to watch movies. Especially movies that are recommended to me. (This applies to books as well.)
  13. Since I was in high school, I’ve been trying real hard to maintain a cool blog. But I’m not a cool writer, so I failed  obviously. I’ve made what must have been almost 7 blogs. And of course, only one still stands. Plus this. And my Tumblr account. So 3? :3
  14. I ‘fan girl’ at almost everything that caught my interest. 
  15. I am an avid user of a ‘diary’. Up until now. :D
  16. I’m a gamer. But of course, I’m really selective on what I play. My all-time favorite game is Nintendo's Ace Attorney Series. Undisputed. 
  17. I'm a sucker for Japanese Mangas and Korean Dramas. I'm a sucker for almost anything that caught my interest. XP
  18. I absolutely repel vegies - the green ones. I occasionally eat some, but I absolutely love potatoes.
  19. I don’t like to eat fish, but I don’t hate it. It’s just that, if given a choice, other than vegies of course, I wouldn’t choose it.
  20. I’m pretty RANDOM. Obviously.
There you go. These are only little things that make up who I am. Hope you'll discover more in the coming days to come. I really want to make new friends here so.. GOODLUCK TO ME. I'm hoping to have a really good time here.

 Zài jiàn.

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