Thursday, August 18, 2011

The reason behind the name.

Well, at first, this blog name really didn’t have any real significance to me. The thought just came in back when I was still sooo in-love with Sarah Bereilles’ Between the Lines (I still am J). The song was about loving someone who doesn’t love you back... and never knowing your place in that someone’s life, thus the title.  And while the person she loves is saying ‘Wait for me I’m almost ready...’, he just really meant ‘Let go.’. (That was one of my favourite parts in that song actually.) I was really captivated with that song, but as time goes by, I interpreted that phrase in a different way.

That feeling of saying things but there’s a real and different meaning behind it – and the one you’re saying it to interprets it otherwise. I think I’m one of those kinds of person, actually (especially in serious situations.) I always find it hard to say things that I want in person. This is actually one of the reasons why I maintain a blog. I can only express what I wholly feel when I’m with my closest friends (which, btw, are only few... haha, I know, poor me.), and, obviously, when I’m with myself J.

Expressing the things in between those lines: the good and the bad; the tears and the laughters -- the two extremes of life. Between those extremes are experiences, and behind every experience is a story. To see things beyond what it appears to be and to see the real meaning of them in your life – that’s what’s ‘between the lines’ is all about. I hope to achieve it by writing about myself, my experiences, and the lessons that I learned from them -- exposing it to others and digging deeper into myself at the same time. I hope for this blog to be a platform of expression, and a way to discover and know myself more. And as you read on, and settle to follow this despite of its many imperfections, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much love,

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