Friday, September 2, 2011

Secret (2007)

The Secret is a 2007 Taiwanese romance film which tell the simple but beautiful love story of two piano major students, Ye Xianglun and Lu Xiaoyu (though it's not really simple if you think about it, but beautiful, absolutely). First off, I can't even explain how magical and brilliant this movie is. The plot was superb, and THE music! -- yes, music was the center of it all, it's a very integral part of the film. The scoring was exquisite. And I take may hat off to Jay Chou for not only acting as the male lead in this movie, but for being it's director, co-writer and musical scorer. This directorial debut was awesome. The cinematography was amazing. And for being a musician, God, was he good! Also for Kwai Lun-mei (female lead) for acting the part. For music enthusiasts out there, this movie is definetly for you. I don't know if it's a certain tear-jerker, but me and my sister cried especially during the last 10 minutes of the film where I think everything climaxed and then came to a sudden halt. I mean, goodness gracious, that moment when Xianglun played that piano for the last time, all of his emotions pouring out matching the speed of his hands. And that part where Xiaoyu was writing in her desk. God, I'm giving too much. That's a thumbs up, and 5 stars for this film. And with a tear welling up in my eye right now, I recommend you go watch it.

P.S. You can search it in YouTube, it's there. :))

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