Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fangirling over Skipbeat at the moment. :))

That pang of regret every time he tries to say or even express what he feels about Kyoko. That feeling of holding back even though he wants to grab her and hold her every moment they’re together. That feeling every time she looks at him in the eye, and he felt like melting, but all he can do was brush it off. Every time, all he can do is sigh. Was it really that hard to say it?

This kind of scenes makes me hold my chest, because it hurts to breathe. Ugh. 

BTW, this is from the Japanese Manga 'Skipbeat'. This was retty good, so if you're interested in reading this kind of stuffs, just visit you favorite manga site (e.g. Mangafox, Mangable).

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