Thursday, September 8, 2011

In bullets.

The highlight of my week were as follows: 1. I finished reading John Green's Looking for Alaska in my phone, and 2. we held our long awaited (and long overdue) General Assembly (for which I am one of the organizers). And yeah, it was pretty much of a drag. Discussing this at length would mean boring y'all. So let's settle with that. :D

I just got home with a sudden realization that I'm totally packed for my whole 3-day stay here for the weekend.

Things I need to accomplish by Sunday afternoon: 

  • the whole Chapter 1, letters to be signed by our Dean, and my questionnaire for my Research Paper 
  • my PowerPoint Presentation and written report on 'Roles of Institutional Investors' for my CGSR subject 
  • research about my report on 'E-commerce' for my ITEC subject 

It may not seem much since I put it in bullets... but believe me, it involves great effort especially since I need to take a day off on Saturday because we'll have a family getaway of sort and it just happens once in a while and I can't afford to miss it just because of cramming and school and everything in between. So yeah, I'm busy. But I certainly have time for this. :P

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