Saturday, September 3, 2011

A little piece of destiny. :)

I was really fond of the night. The quite and the cold allures me. Apart from that, one thing that's very marvelous about is is the sky and the stars in it. I was watching Kimi ni Todoke last time and a sudden mention has been made for this constellation. It's a constellation that I think almost anybody's familiar with -- the Orion. And so, again, the thought goes on...

Orion - Besser Museum Planetarium -- (credits: Tom's Astronomy Blog)
Orion, or The Hunter as they call it, is one of the most conspicious constellations in the night sky. And personally, I think, is the most reconizable one, particularly because of it's belt. Coined as the Orion's belt, these are three stars positioned side by side in alignment. In the Philippines, it is sometimes called 'Tres Marias' (Three Marys).

Orion's Belt -- (credits: Wikipedia)
I always look at the sky whenever I'm walking at night trying to find these three stars. Why am I writing this? Because it's amazing. :P Can I just say how perfect these three stars are. Three distinct bright stars, light years away from each other... but all of the universe conspired to make them appear next to each other when viewed on Earth. Watching this makes me believe in destiny. As if certain things are really meant to be. I always think about it when I see it in the sky -- the way these three became like this? Fated to be together in our eyes -- right there, in the same sky. I don't know, but the thought of it really makes me smile. 

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