Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger

“I am immune to emotions.” The moment I read the first line, I was a goner. What can I say? For a YA book, it’s really quite awesome! Plus it gave me glimpse in the amazing world of zine writers, and it actually made me want to try making one. 
One of the few books that actually made me cry. Maybe it’s the fact that Marisol is a lesbian, and he’s John’s first love. Or maybe it’s the life he led after his parents’ divorce, or the “no-touch” relationship with his mother. It’s in the words - it’s pure raw emotion. His pieces were genius. His prose were funny, yet touching. How what he feels is being expressed - the killer lines. It was about everything in between the first page and the last. 
The last two chapters were personally my favorite. Especially the part where he finally figured everything out while listening to Diana sing “Hard Love”. His phone conversation with his mother honestly poked my tear ducts. And I cried for him, as I know he’d cried if he’s not holding back. 
Actually it’s the first time I’d heard that there is actually a song titled “Hard Love” by Bob Franke, and I’ll definitely check it out. This is definitely one of my favorite books of all times now. Ellen Wittlinger did a good job writing it. So yeah, I’m recommending it,especially to “everyone whose first love was a hard love”(as the dedication says).

This was my shot. Haha. I know, I'm not really good at taking photographs.
But it's the best i can do with my cam that time. :)
I wrote that review almost 5 months ago, and I think that the idea that 'it was my favorite book so far' is still standing. The emotional depth that crept in whenever I read the passages I've highlighted (this proves to be really helpful, I tell you) never fails to send a tingling sensation in my chest. It hurts when I first read it. And it still hurts the same. And can I just add that the finale was not what I was expecting, but it's the most realistic way of ending it all, and everything I could hope for. You cannot just make Marisol change her view on her sexuality, which took years of figuring out just for her to make sure of it, just because some random guy which happens to be her dear friend (almost a bestfriend) liked -- or even loved -- her. It's just a matter of choice. And weighing the results of her actions. And she still chose to continue what she's been building up for the past couple years of figuring out. Instead of giving in to a slight crack, which she doesn't even know, and explored yet.

After months of thinking about it occasionally, there isn't really a right choice. What matters is how you stand by your decision even if it results to everything didn't hope for. It's just a matter of seeing the problem, and accepting whatever outcome it may bring to you as long as you did your best while you're on it. As long as you didn't ask for more, or even for less. As long as you're contented with it.

Too much thinking just because of one book. And right now, I'm still more than satisfied with that outcome. :D

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