Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dream: Skip Beat! Live Action (Japan TV Production)

During my early morning YouTube rendevouz, I accidentally found this fanmade trailer at eLingchanPROD's channel. (Note: I'd like to emphasize fanmade. Yep. Fanmade. And what a perfectly skilled fan he/she is. Haha.)

After screaming like crazy, I realized I was conned when I read the description. Lol. It put my hopes up. Haha. But I really wish they make a live action from this one... I never thought about it until now, but this was the perfect cast! :) Beautiful trailer. I seriously thought it was real. :))

Anyone who loved the Japanese Hana Kimi Series would seriously drool over this because the leads are exactly the lead trio at the series. And I think they're perfect.

Kyoko Mogami - Horikita Maki (she'll do good. :] )
Tsuruga Ren - Oguri Shun (my fangirl heart for Oguri Shun has been awakend, again)
Fuwa Sho - Ikuta Toma (in all fairness, fitting!)
Kotonami Kanae - Kuroki Meisa
Takarada Lory - Abe Hiroshi
Yashihiro Yukihito - Yamamoto Koji
Takarada Maria - Ohashi Nozomi
Sawara Takenori - Jinnai Takanori
and many more...

Haha. I'm going over board. If this is just true, I could've screamed my head off. (which I'm doing right now. :P)


  1. I really liked their main character casting, except Ren. I have seen Oguri Shun in three different roles, but nond of them matched my idea of Ren/Kuon. I think the guy who plays Ren has to have more formality, also, I can't really picture him as Kuon. I think that adult Kuon/Ren is the most difficult to cast, because he has to be believable as only part Japanese, but can pass when he needs to. I think there are a few better candidates out there who would make a better Ren/Kuon.
    I only got a breif flash of who they suggest for Kuu Hizuri, but, l felt he was too young for the role.

  2. Ooh, so much insights. Thanks for this. I agree, Ren is pretty darn difficult to cast. Let's cross our fingers if ever Japan make a live action out of this. It would be really thrilling! :) Thanks for dropping by! :)


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