Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie: Hello Stranger (Thai, 2010)

Movie Poster courtesy of Wikipedia.
I've been into Thai & Korean movies lately, and my lists of favorite foreign/asian films are piling high. It so happen that I was blogwalking last night, and I stumbled upon this gem at Alice's blog, AliceChen'sworld. (If you're an Asian junkie, for daily dose of asian movies, series, osts, and such, you will absolutely love her blog.)

Hello Stranger was one hell of a treat. And since I watched it first thing this morning, it absolutely brighten up my day. This was a unique romantic-comedy flick which was inspired by a book entitle 'Two Shadows in Korea' by Songkalot Bangyikhun (I think the author's Thai also). I never cried when I was supposed to, but I absolutely laughed my heart out. and the fact that they never knew each other's names added to the thrill. This was a feel good movie which shows that love can be found in the most unexpected places. Since I've only watched, I think, 2 Thai movies (and they're all romantic-comedies, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Yes or no), I can honestly say that this movies sits at the top. The lead actors' chemistry clicked from the very 1st point where I saw them together in a scene. The guy was goofy as the girl was sweet -- and they're both freaking hilarious. This was definitely a movie that takes you on a journey, and will leave a smile in you face when it ends -- no matter how anti-clamactic / cliffhanging the ending may be. *spoiler! sorry I can't help myself. XD*
Hello Stranger portrays a young Thai man and woman who meet by coincidence while on vacation in South Korea. They decide to tour Korea together while keeping their names secret from each other. The movie was filmed in Korea and includes various locations that have appeared in Korean dramas that were broadcast in Thailand. via Wiki

Cast: Chunthawit Thanasewi (guy) and Nuengthida Sophon (girl)
Release Date: August 19, 2010 (thailand)
Producer: Banjong Pisanthanakun

*A song featuring the vocals of Nuengthida Sophon who played the as the 'girl' entitled 'Love Doesn't Take Time' was also featured in the film.

Below are snapshots from the film (all credits to Alice Chen)

*Okay, the scene above literally sent me hysterically laughing! XD

From the screenshots above, you can really guess that this was really 2 hours of goofiness! Treat yourself, and watch this one hell of a good movie! You can download it at AliceChen's Blog, click here. :))

Here's the trailer:

Enjoy! :)

My first two weeks, so far... :D

My 2nd week has officially ended, and 2nd sem was barely warning up... but it feels waaaay too heavy already. As in totally 'toxic'! I don't know really. I was sooo happy after learning that our usual 5-day class was reduced to just 3 (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday)! Imagine the relief, but it came with us having 15 units crammed up in a one-day sched. Talk about hectic. 

2nd week, and my eye bags are already becoming bigger, and darker. Lol. Above was a picture I took right after I woke up. My room mates were always out whenever I don't have classes, and boredom got me here.

Reading books were a ritual of mine, but reading my school books are really stressing me out because too many jargons (bot that I don't understand them) are jammed up in a single page - especially in my audit theory book. Reading two massive books, plus an extra one, is becoming my breakfast every Tues and Thurs.

Out of the blue: A snapshot of my ever 'pudpod' nails with my audit book as the background. Lol. I painted it bright violet, the only way I could have fun in my otherwise boring school life. XD

A nice quote to brighten things out. It's from Twitter.

And of course, this recap wouldn't be complete without my frustrating first-exam experience. Ever get that feeling when you've read so much to catch up with all the chapters to review before the exam, never memorizing anything, just understanding them, only to realize, after looking at the exam papers, that it was pure theory, enumeration, and definition. Plus an additional straight problem, which I had the trouble of balancing because of that stupid 5,000 pesos and my silly mistake of overlooking that PPE purchase. Gawd, I'm so reckless.

Don't even bother looking at my enumeration answers because I know that they're wrong, partially if not wholly. I have no problem with the definition part because I'm experienced at improvising, but enumeration, goodness gracious! XD Nevermind the ranting. 

But that's okay, besides, I promised myself not to sulk in the corner and brood over my exam results in the future. I'll just do better next time. There's many things too feel great about anyway. 

Like this:

The wind was refreshing, especially when you're surrounded by so much trees. It's crazy how your environment changes your mood pretty quickly. :)

Note to self: Surround yourself with pretty and positive things! Fighting! You can always do it! :) - R

Monday, November 28, 2011

Quoted: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Photo courtesy of Delzhi on Flickr.

Being in love has been described so many times in so many words. And this, right here my friends! This is one hell of  quote. This is definitely going to be in my 2012 bucket list: Buy and Read Will Grayson, Will Grayson - check! :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dorm Bed, Unveiled.

It occurred to me that I should post a glimpse of my second (which is slowly becoming 'first') home, my dormitory room. One of the things that makes being a college student (as for me) enjoyable and worthwhile was staying in a dormitory. And as much as I love staying at home, sleeping, reading, and eating (:P), i love to just stay in my dormitory room and curl up in my dorm bed, and watch good movies and series in my laptop. It's really chilly in there, so that's a plus, yes? (*giggles*). 

So here it is:

This was a shot of my new dorm bed. Well, not necessarily new. Haha. I was in the lower bunk of a double-deck bed for the last 3 or so years, and since one of my friends, technically my 'bedmate' is not renting in our room anymore, I pretty much freed myself from the shadow of the upper bunk. It felt lighter, brighter.

Notice my sheets? They're bright green eh. Plus my blanket is bright yellow (it's from my father). I just love the bright feeling it always give me. I tried red right when I was in first year (red was my favorite color), but it turned out looking gloomy, and it looked darker because I was in the lower bunk that time. And after months of me whining to my mother, she decided to change the motif into bright green and yellow. And I'm loving it ever since. :))

Books were stacked in the side of my bed. I once had a bookshelf of my own, but it turned out to be pretty messy at times, because of the dust it accumulates so i decided to get rid of it. But this was really handy, every day, the moment I wake up, the first things I see were my books and it kinda gives off a reminder that I should study hard for the day. (It's not stressing, believe me.) Plus I'm really stiff when I sleep, I usually sleeps on my back (and I'm comfortable with it) so it's not really troubling me that books take up extra space in my bed. My 'mini' library is mostly composed of, of course, my school books which are pretty massive. And some of my ever-beloved literary books are injected in it: Haruki Murakami, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Para Kay B (which i absolutely love) are some examples. And some self-help books like Pass or Fail (which I recently just finished), How to Make People Do Thing your Way, and Sun Tzu: The Art of War and Management (which i can't categorize, really).

And this right here is a shot of my new backpack which I promised in my past post. Isn't it cute? :)) The black leather makes it look edgy, but the embroidered colored designed balances it out and makes it cute. Add the fact that it's really spacious. I honestly love this bag, but my Mom keeps pointing out to me that I look like a high school student. My classmates says otherwise. XP

And finally some words to go by. I have this habit of filling my wall with motivational quotes, as well as some of my favorite quotes, which I pretty much go to whenever I'm losing my will in everything. This is one of them, which I just pasted. I was flicking through my scratch papers when I saw this, and I don't know where I got it, probably on Twitter or Tumblr. If you can't read it clearly, here it is: "It's all about faith and it's all about fate. It's about risking it all everyday. It's about holding on when you wanna let go. It's just believing in all that you know. It's about living not just getting by. It's about reaching when there's nothing left inside. It's about breathing when it's all too much. It's about standing strong when you wanna give up." Ain't it beautiful? This probably made my day. I always read it everyday before going to class. :)

Really, the randomness that lurks within me knows no bound. Haha. So loooong....


Scrambling for Scholarships

College is a place where you can learn so much things - like struggling to make ends meet, or for others, find a source of extra income. And since government scholarships are in the air in Cavite right now because the sem just started, I decided to sign up for Junvic Remulla's, who is  the Governor of Cavite which is basically where I live. I'm absolutely new to this, add the fact that the only scholarship I've been availing for the last semesters was university-given. And seriously, I'm in awe with how much effort people would give just to get a hold of that scholarship form (the forms were pretty much limited, giving only 750 pieces a day for 3 days).

We planned to meet at 7'11 at 11 pm, and since buses become rare as soon as 8pm strikes, I decided to stay at one of my classmate's house. She had books stacked in her bedroom, and I'm a sucker for books, so I borrowed one (though, I bought one too to come in handy) to have something of a light read while we're waiting...

I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid in her bed to kill time, and I kinda enjoyed it. Haha. With all the shallowness of a child's mind, it was really entertaining. Add the fact that it so much easy to read (yeah, because it's a children's book to begin with), and it's a picture book of sort.

Because I sooooo enjoyed it, I finished it in one seating. Time well spent, huh. XP And then we head off...

Forms are supposed to be given away at I think 6 in the morning. And me and my classmates seriously thought that our plan to go at the Provincial Capitol at around 1 am was a total exaggeration, only to find out that people are already lining up outside at 8 in the evening. Goodness, that shocked me.

We signed up for reservation at around 10pm, and schockingly so, we're at 200+ already. Good thing we got there early.

Luckily so, my classmate's uncle works at the capitol and we're given a place to stay for the night. We killed our time at the office, watched movies (A Walk to Remember,particularly... talk about chick flicks, heh), played games, talk about anything - you name it.

A hot cup of coffee (free!) + Gardenia's Coffee Cream Roll in Coffee Crumble (which I'm beginning to love) + a good book = what kept me up. :)

And before we head out to fall in line, we took our breakfast at Jollibee to cater our otherwise grumbling stomachs from the all-night wait. I've always loved their hot chocolate. And eating breakfast at Jollibee is becoming my thing these past few days.

A shot we took while at the line. So much people. Our eye bags are standing out, from the whole night without sleep.

I'm really overwhelmed at how much people were there that time. I'm not really into crowded places so that kinda freaked me out. That's the view from were the people are filling out the forms. After assessing our grades one by one and verifying our registration forms, I've been issued this:

Haha. The result of all the hard work. This is my form. Hope I'll pass. :))

I went back home. Sleep as soon as I got the chance. When I woke up, it's already dark. And what a way to end the day but with a treat. Mom brought me one of Dunkin' Donuts' Premium line. From the looks of it, this is definitely Black Forrest.

Yum! :)

That was such a looooong day. And after I guess two or three hours of watching TV, it's pretty unusual, but I still felt sleepy and gone off to slumber. All's well that ends well. :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Hunger Games coming to life.

Because of the hype that the first week of class has given me, I almost totally forgot that Lionsgate would be releasing the first Official trailer of The Hunger Games last Monday (November 14, 2011), until I saw it at Airiz's blog (Cinderella in Combat Boots). The movie is the big screen adaptation of the 1st in the best selling dystopian-set book series penned by Suzanne Collins, and is set to be showed on March 2012.

The Hunger Games Official Trailer

Whew! Goosebumps and a tear in my eye. That moment where Prim's name was picked from the bowl of names - that's where it all began. Effie, Cinna, Haymitch, District 12, the Capitol (though a glimpse) - though I admit I've had second thoughts in the ability of Lionsgate to bring to life this dystopian community, watching the trailer feels like perfection unraveling in my eyes. Haha, I know, it's a bit of an overreaction.. but it was the first time that I've read a book series long before it was even in the talks to be made as a film. The anticipation and the excitement - during the casting, the signing of the contract, and all - has about killed me. And seeing this - the result of all the process was worth it. It's just almost the first half of the book, and I'm crying like a fool already - especially that part where Katniss screamed "I volunteer!". Goodness!

This movie is definitely in my watch-list for 2012, as in absolutely! I pretty much want to time-travel forward to March 12, 2012. Seriously! I'll mark the date. So, excuse me while I go rape the 'replay' button. :)

Gossip Girl Season 4: Painful Goodbyes.

It's no news that I'm addicted to Gossip Girl (both the TV series and the books) as indicated in my sidebar. So I'm sharing that I just finished watching Gossip Girl Season 4... I'm a sucker for Serena-and-Dan tandem (before she started sleeping with a bunch of guys other than Nate) on Season 1. But Chuck and Blair stole my eyes and my heart as well from Season 1, and continuing up 'till Season 4. And no matter what happened, MY HEART WILL ALWAYS BE WITH CHUCK AND BLAIR. Season 4 was brimming with heartbreak and heart-wrenching goodbyes. One minute everything was okay, and the next thing you know, it's letting go yet again.

Imagine saying goodbye to the one person you love - that one person who truly and completely understands you - over and over again. Here are some of the most memorable BxC goodbye scenes in Season 4 that made my chest hurt like crazy:

Episode 2: Double Identity

B: Just because you’re dressed poorly doesn’t mean you’re not Chuck Bass.
C: Why would I wanna be him?
B: You should’ve told me you got shot.
C: Surprised you didn’t shoot me yourself?
B: I have. Many times, in my dreams. The good ones. But if you were really hurt, I would wanna know.
C: When I woke up my ID was gone. Nobody knew who I was, nobody was coming to look for me. I realized I might be alive but Chuck Bass doesn’t have to be.
B: Changing your name doesn’t change who you are –
C: It’s a good start. The chance to live simply, earning people’s respect, maybe become a person someone could love.
B: Someone did love you. And you owe it to her, and everyone else you’re leaving behind, not to run away – which is what you’re doing. And I don’t think that great man you’re talking about wanting to be is a coward. I think he would face up to what he did.
C: I destroyed the only thing I ever loved.
(Blair hands back Chuck’s ring.)

B: I don’t love you anymore... But it takes more than even you to destroy a Blair Waldorf.
C: Your world would be easier if I didn’t come back.
B: That’s true. But it wouldn’t be my world without you in it.

Episode 6: Easy J

C: Look. We can keep blaming each other for what happened that night or we could mind the harder truth: it was no one’s fault. It was fate. Tragic.
B: If Serena hadn’t kissed Dan then Nate wouldn’t have been in the hospital to confront her and Jenny wouldn’t have come looking for Nate.
C: If Dorota hadn’t gone into labor...
B: Maybe everything would be different. But it’s not.
C: We’re holding on to the pain because that’s all we have left. But we don’t have to. We have a choice.
B: (offers her hand) Truce...
(Blair pulls out her hand after the shake...)
B: You could see yourself out.
C: I know the way.

Episode 22: The Wrong Goodbye 

(That scene where Blair was about to tell Louise that she’s choosing Chuck over him but then Chuck suddenly blurted out “What she’s trying to say is she has my blessing. I couldn’t be more happy. It’s over, you’re getting married.”)B: Why did you just do that?
C: Because of what you said earlier.
B: About being happy? Chuck, that’s not the most important thing. People don’t write sonnets about being compatible or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones [...]
C: Blair, we’re not living in Paris, that’s what it is.
B: But we both wish we were.
C: There’s a difference between a great love and a right love. I left the Empire State Building last year after two minutes when you didn’t show. Louise waited all night. This is your chance at happiness. You think you should not want it coz you never had it and it scares you. But you deserve your fairytale.B: We’d make our own fairytales.C: Only when we have to. You don’t.
B: How do you feel about tonight?
C: Awful. Just terrible. In fact, I’ve never felt like this before.
B: Guilt. I feel it too. Maybe I’m actually growing up after all.
C: I don’t wanna let you go just yet.
(Chuck kisses Blair in the forehead.)C: Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not powerful. You’re the most powerful woman I know.
B: It’s taking whole power if I have to walk away from you.
C: I know. But I need to let you go. You need to let go.
B: I will always love you.
C: I will always love you.

It nice to know that Chuck got the most out of his relationship with Blair. He matured - in a good way. But I hate to see him being the one who always has to let go for the right reasons. Blair sure deserves her fairytale, but he deserves love too. Did you see his face right after Blair said "I don't love you anymore"? (Episode 2, Double Identity). His face - that's really heartbreaking. As in pure ouuuuuch. This season was waaaay too painful. I know that they would always find their way into each other, but these goodbyes are really ripping my heart off. As the title of the season's last episode goes, these are really  "The Wrong Goodbye"s. ;(

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gearing up for another semester.

While people were preparing for Christmas, I am preparing for yet another semester. And I'm pretty excited at that. Given how bad last semester have been, I've been going crazy thinking of ways how I could up my game again and trying to persuade myself that I should stop doing the useless things I've been accustomed attending to. Haha.

I know this post is a little overdue, because 2nd sem started a week ago. But since our's has been postponed until Monday, I guess this isn't as late as I thought it'd be. (*winks*)

School supplies to go by this semester.
Since I'm a sucker for school supplies, I decided that replenishing mine would not be such a bad idea. I'm starting over, so why not take it all the way. Haha.

Huge Books! And I'm not exaggerating my way here. They really are, believe me.
I purchased these books I think last Sunday. I was with my brother, and although we eventually figured our way to-and-from Recto, that didn't save us from all the feet-hurt that we've got. Add the fact that it did rain at the latter part of our trip and we're pretty much walking our way through Baclaran because we got off the wrong station. That was a pretty horrible travel day, but I did enjoy it. And I found myself memorizing how to go in-and-out Recto -- and that saves further 'being-lost-and-blankly-figuring-out-the-way' time in the future.

Because of how 'huge' my books were, my old bag pack can't do much of it's work done so I figured I should really buy a big bag pack to replace my old one (which can only decently carry my 10-inch netbook,  alone). I bought a Ruffles bag at SM Department Store at a very good price, I haven't been able to take a shot though. Maybe next time, it's cute. Haha.It made me think that I look like a high school student at times, but screw that! XP

My 1st and new BDJ Planner.
And since I finally got some of my budget back (with the HELP of my father, *ehem*), I finally got the chance to buy a Belle de Jour Planner which I've been drooling at ever since I came across it at Ate Eunice's blog. It was downright perfect. It was everything I've been expecting. I am usually the type of person who uses the thing she bought as soon as she got home, but it's different here. It's for 2012 and I'm planning on saving it until then. But I'm pretty much excited to use it though. But it can wait. I hope it would help me organize my next year. :)

So much for babbling out. To summarize it, I know, I've been very excited. And I hope I could figure out a way to fix every little mistake that I've committed last semester that cost me my scholarship. I'm trying my best here. And I hope it would turn out good. :))

The joy of reading.

I found this GIF at Fuckyeahreading's Tumblr, and even though I reblogged my heart away, I seriously want this to appear in this blog.
Source: http://fuckyeahreading.tumblr.com/
It summarizes what I feel for books -- pretty clearly. That is why the books which I can relate to hold a very big and special place in my heart. It was as if someone who I don't know feels the same way too and is able to put into words what I can't even figure out myself. Books provide me company, they gave me light. Books comfort me when no one else does. Books are the lifeblood that kept me holding on when I feel that the real world is neglecting me (Lels, I'm internalizing this waaaaay too much.). But that pretty much sums it. Books make me feel that I'm not alone when I actually am.

Whenever I am basically escaping my problems by poring over books, I found myself reading something that I am afraid to admit myself. It's a self-meditation in a way. It's a way of figuring out, going inside yourself deeper than you have ever been. Plus, I always had better opinion to bottling it all up and figuring it all out on your own. I pretty much think that most of the time, sharing everything with someone complicates things more. And yes, that's how much reserved I am. Haha.

But I really believe that reading is some kind of a therapy. And I hope you should too. Enjoy the bliss that is reading! Ciao! :)

Major site overhaul.

Going through my reading list and pondering over my favorite bloggers' post made me realize that somehow this blog is lacking things that make it somehow reader-friendly/owner-friendly (and the latter's the case, really). I was supposed to have a before-and-after post, but I ended up excitedly tweaking my theme here and there and completely forgetting to take a snap shot of my old theme. And so, if you are reading this, you can most probably see the finished product of my hard work. Haha.

Major site overhaul: my new theme. :)
Black's my thing, and I figured it would be pretty comforting to see my writings in a way that doesn't give off the impression of prim and proper. My former theme's a mix of (let's face it) ONLY classic brown, with a little teasing from the font style plus birds flying in my header, and it really has a classic/serious feel to it, when in fact, I'm targeting the opposite.

And because 11/11/11 has come, and I'm pretty much fooling myself that it would make a big difference to start anew in that date (*giggles*), I decided to make a major change.

I noticed that I absent-mindedly filled up this blog with my amateur reviews and perspective of the books that I've been reading recently and it's becoming more of a book blog, than an online diary. I'm getting caught to it really -- reading, then making a review, it somehow took the fun off reading a little. But I guess I should just minimize it. :P

I want this blog to be something more. Where I'm free to share my ideas without conforming to any theme anyone has in mind. I wanted to just write everything away. I wanted to share thoughts, not only to a keyboard and a blank computer screen, but to friends, who hopefully, read my blog once in a while. I wanted to. And to be able to do that, I think I should be more reader-friendly. I know, I'm trying too hard. But I'm trying my best. Haha. So much for that.

What do you think? :P

Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 is on.

This day was pretty special.  Things happened, and words were said, and it somehow lead me to think of that ONE THING I can’t seem to let go of -- even though it’s been years since I should already have.

I should be making my wishes, like almost everybody. But I want it to be something more.

I wanted to let go, long before the thought of it crossed my mind. I’ve been carrying on, struggling to move on - true, but I still can’t seem to leave behind those things that are not worth holding on to. The grudge, the regret, even the pang of guilt. Things happened and I knew that it could never go back to the way it used to be. I’ve accepted that fact, or so, I’m only thinking that. Because years have gone by but I still catch myself thinking about the things that happened and what I should’ve done to prevent the fallout. I still catch myself thinking about what-ifs, every once in a while.

But every time I carve into my mind that there’s no sense crying over spilled milk, a part of me always says ‘no’.

I can’t help but think that maybe it’s because of the way I lived my life after it. Protected. Inside my own little shell. I’ve never actually given anyone a chance. It’s like there’s always a barrier no matter how close someone could get. Strict business. Friends are only friends. I never found someone new. At least, I never allowed myself to.

I want to let go. I want to break free from all the memories that are haunting me when I least expect it. I want to not always be worried that I’ll be caught off guard and instantly shatter the shell I’ve built from all the self-denial. I want to stop cringing whenever I hear the name. I want to stop caring with whatever they’re doing, whatever they’re up to, and whatever they’re enjoying. I want to stop comparing myself - my state, to their’s. I want to do things without the hope that he would see that I’m living my life happily and that I’ve become better since he was gone. I want to stop living my life, according to their’s, surpassing their’s. I want to change every little thing that’s hurting me. I want to stop thinking about him, about them. I want to start thinking for myself.

It’s foolish. To always hurt myself, punish myself. When all I have to do was do well, and move on. I mean, how hard could that be? Before all of this, I used to think that it’s not really a big deal. But it is, after all. It’s hard. Now I know.

There’s no sense to it, really. I know it’s not it, but most often than not, I think that holding on to the pain was better than not feeling at all. I get the feeling that I never forgot because I never really wanted to. I kept saying that I’m willing, but the truth is, I’m just keeping it all locked up. Still occasionally getting it all back up - remembering all of them. But now, it’s different. I want to be better.

This, and only this.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Short Story Review: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami

 My first look at Murakami’s prowess. And what can I say? I guess the rumors I’ve heard were true. Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (which is incidentally the title of this collection but I don’t know if it embodies the whole of it) was downright twisted, random, morbid (I guess, at least for me), and I don’t know (*laughs*). I was left in awe, or confusion or whatever it is I’m feeling right now, because of the way the story turned. I’m not saying that it’s not good enough, but the opposite. This was too good. And the fact that it left me like this was an indication that I consider it a good book (books that affect me this much were fantastic in my opinion). I find the whole willow story kinda creepy and, yes, sad. I was just confused with the whole ”And left that hill still overgrown with blind willow” thing. I know there is a deeper meaning to it than what I’ve been thinking, and I’m pondering over it right now. If anyone of you can give me a concrete explanation about this, it would do me a lot of favor if you tell me what’s gone in there — cause I’m a little lost right now (*giggles*). Feel free to comment below.

Be my friend at Goodreads. :3

One-minute Writing for Rzzzp. :))

So I was scanning my reading list and stumbled upon a post from The One-Minute Writer. I've been following this blog for a while now (because of Adi, I suddenly became interested in 'writing prompts') but because of the amount of articles piled in my Reading List, I haven't been able to read every single post in there. and back again. I was reading it and found "Out of Place" to be the writing prompt for the day (Nov.1, 2011). This is a topic I can soooo relate to, so I decided to try. This is my first time, and I guess I had fun.

The rules were simple:
Yes complete with timer on the side.

And after a minute of fast-writing, here's what i came up with:

Can't find the right words to say;
Can't seem to find someone to stay.
Awkward as always, 
Weird in so many ways.
Tell me:
Why can't I have a place to stay?

Does that even make sense? Haha. Yeah, I know, the last two lines were weird. Never mind that, I think that's due to the pressure because time is running out. It looked like a poem? (Or so I think). This was a really exciting experience. I should try it more often. you should try it too. It's fun to squeeze yourself with some literary juices once in a while.

Riza. :))


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