Friday, November 18, 2011

Dorm Bed, Unveiled.

It occurred to me that I should post a glimpse of my second (which is slowly becoming 'first') home, my dormitory room. One of the things that makes being a college student (as for me) enjoyable and worthwhile was staying in a dormitory. And as much as I love staying at home, sleeping, reading, and eating (:P), i love to just stay in my dormitory room and curl up in my dorm bed, and watch good movies and series in my laptop. It's really chilly in there, so that's a plus, yes? (*giggles*). 

So here it is:

This was a shot of my new dorm bed. Well, not necessarily new. Haha. I was in the lower bunk of a double-deck bed for the last 3 or so years, and since one of my friends, technically my 'bedmate' is not renting in our room anymore, I pretty much freed myself from the shadow of the upper bunk. It felt lighter, brighter.

Notice my sheets? They're bright green eh. Plus my blanket is bright yellow (it's from my father). I just love the bright feeling it always give me. I tried red right when I was in first year (red was my favorite color), but it turned out looking gloomy, and it looked darker because I was in the lower bunk that time. And after months of me whining to my mother, she decided to change the motif into bright green and yellow. And I'm loving it ever since. :))

Books were stacked in the side of my bed. I once had a bookshelf of my own, but it turned out to be pretty messy at times, because of the dust it accumulates so i decided to get rid of it. But this was really handy, every day, the moment I wake up, the first things I see were my books and it kinda gives off a reminder that I should study hard for the day. (It's not stressing, believe me.) Plus I'm really stiff when I sleep, I usually sleeps on my back (and I'm comfortable with it) so it's not really troubling me that books take up extra space in my bed. My 'mini' library is mostly composed of, of course, my school books which are pretty massive. And some of my ever-beloved literary books are injected in it: Haruki Murakami, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Para Kay B (which i absolutely love) are some examples. And some self-help books like Pass or Fail (which I recently just finished), How to Make People Do Thing your Way, and Sun Tzu: The Art of War and Management (which i can't categorize, really).

And this right here is a shot of my new backpack which I promised in my past post. Isn't it cute? :)) The black leather makes it look edgy, but the embroidered colored designed balances it out and makes it cute. Add the fact that it's really spacious. I honestly love this bag, but my Mom keeps pointing out to me that I look like a high school student. My classmates says otherwise. XP

And finally some words to go by. I have this habit of filling my wall with motivational quotes, as well as some of my favorite quotes, which I pretty much go to whenever I'm losing my will in everything. This is one of them, which I just pasted. I was flicking through my scratch papers when I saw this, and I don't know where I got it, probably on Twitter or Tumblr. If you can't read it clearly, here it is: "It's all about faith and it's all about fate. It's about risking it all everyday. It's about holding on when you wanna let go. It's just believing in all that you know. It's about living not just getting by. It's about reaching when there's nothing left inside. It's about breathing when it's all too much. It's about standing strong when you wanna give up." Ain't it beautiful? This probably made my day. I always read it everyday before going to class. :)

Really, the randomness that lurks within me knows no bound. Haha. So loooong....


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