Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gearing up for another semester.

While people were preparing for Christmas, I am preparing for yet another semester. And I'm pretty excited at that. Given how bad last semester have been, I've been going crazy thinking of ways how I could up my game again and trying to persuade myself that I should stop doing the useless things I've been accustomed attending to. Haha.

I know this post is a little overdue, because 2nd sem started a week ago. But since our's has been postponed until Monday, I guess this isn't as late as I thought it'd be. (*winks*)

School supplies to go by this semester.
Since I'm a sucker for school supplies, I decided that replenishing mine would not be such a bad idea. I'm starting over, so why not take it all the way. Haha.

Huge Books! And I'm not exaggerating my way here. They really are, believe me.
I purchased these books I think last Sunday. I was with my brother, and although we eventually figured our way to-and-from Recto, that didn't save us from all the feet-hurt that we've got. Add the fact that it did rain at the latter part of our trip and we're pretty much walking our way through Baclaran because we got off the wrong station. That was a pretty horrible travel day, but I did enjoy it. And I found myself memorizing how to go in-and-out Recto -- and that saves further 'being-lost-and-blankly-figuring-out-the-way' time in the future.

Because of how 'huge' my books were, my old bag pack can't do much of it's work done so I figured I should really buy a big bag pack to replace my old one (which can only decently carry my 10-inch netbook,  alone). I bought a Ruffles bag at SM Department Store at a very good price, I haven't been able to take a shot though. Maybe next time, it's cute. Haha.It made me think that I look like a high school student at times, but screw that! XP

My 1st and new BDJ Planner.
And since I finally got some of my budget back (with the HELP of my father, *ehem*), I finally got the chance to buy a Belle de Jour Planner which I've been drooling at ever since I came across it at Ate Eunice's blog. It was downright perfect. It was everything I've been expecting. I am usually the type of person who uses the thing she bought as soon as she got home, but it's different here. It's for 2012 and I'm planning on saving it until then. But I'm pretty much excited to use it though. But it can wait. I hope it would help me organize my next year. :)

So much for babbling out. To summarize it, I know, I've been very excited. And I hope I could figure out a way to fix every little mistake that I've committed last semester that cost me my scholarship. I'm trying my best here. And I hope it would turn out good. :))

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