Saturday, November 12, 2011

The joy of reading.

I found this GIF at Fuckyeahreading's Tumblr, and even though I reblogged my heart away, I seriously want this to appear in this blog.
It summarizes what I feel for books -- pretty clearly. That is why the books which I can relate to hold a very big and special place in my heart. It was as if someone who I don't know feels the same way too and is able to put into words what I can't even figure out myself. Books provide me company, they gave me light. Books comfort me when no one else does. Books are the lifeblood that kept me holding on when I feel that the real world is neglecting me (Lels, I'm internalizing this waaaaay too much.). But that pretty much sums it. Books make me feel that I'm not alone when I actually am.

Whenever I am basically escaping my problems by poring over books, I found myself reading something that I am afraid to admit myself. It's a self-meditation in a way. It's a way of figuring out, going inside yourself deeper than you have ever been. Plus, I always had better opinion to bottling it all up and figuring it all out on your own. I pretty much think that most of the time, sharing everything with someone complicates things more. And yes, that's how much reserved I am. Haha.

But I really believe that reading is some kind of a therapy. And I hope you should too. Enjoy the bliss that is reading! Ciao! :)

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