Saturday, November 12, 2011

Major site overhaul.

Going through my reading list and pondering over my favorite bloggers' post made me realize that somehow this blog is lacking things that make it somehow reader-friendly/owner-friendly (and the latter's the case, really). I was supposed to have a before-and-after post, but I ended up excitedly tweaking my theme here and there and completely forgetting to take a snap shot of my old theme. And so, if you are reading this, you can most probably see the finished product of my hard work. Haha.

Major site overhaul: my new theme. :)
Black's my thing, and I figured it would be pretty comforting to see my writings in a way that doesn't give off the impression of prim and proper. My former theme's a mix of (let's face it) ONLY classic brown, with a little teasing from the font style plus birds flying in my header, and it really has a classic/serious feel to it, when in fact, I'm targeting the opposite.

And because 11/11/11 has come, and I'm pretty much fooling myself that it would make a big difference to start anew in that date (*giggles*), I decided to make a major change.

I noticed that I absent-mindedly filled up this blog with my amateur reviews and perspective of the books that I've been reading recently and it's becoming more of a book blog, than an online diary. I'm getting caught to it really -- reading, then making a review, it somehow took the fun off reading a little. But I guess I should just minimize it. :P

I want this blog to be something more. Where I'm free to share my ideas without conforming to any theme anyone has in mind. I wanted to just write everything away. I wanted to share thoughts, not only to a keyboard and a blank computer screen, but to friends, who hopefully, read my blog once in a while. I wanted to. And to be able to do that, I think I should be more reader-friendly. I know, I'm trying too hard. But I'm trying my best. Haha. So much for that.

What do you think? :P

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