Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie: Hello Stranger (Thai, 2010)

Movie Poster courtesy of Wikipedia.
I've been into Thai & Korean movies lately, and my lists of favorite foreign/asian films are piling high. It so happen that I was blogwalking last night, and I stumbled upon this gem at Alice's blog, AliceChen'sworld. (If you're an Asian junkie, for daily dose of asian movies, series, osts, and such, you will absolutely love her blog.)

Hello Stranger was one hell of a treat. And since I watched it first thing this morning, it absolutely brighten up my day. This was a unique romantic-comedy flick which was inspired by a book entitle 'Two Shadows in Korea' by Songkalot Bangyikhun (I think the author's Thai also). I never cried when I was supposed to, but I absolutely laughed my heart out. and the fact that they never knew each other's names added to the thrill. This was a feel good movie which shows that love can be found in the most unexpected places. Since I've only watched, I think, 2 Thai movies (and they're all romantic-comedies, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Yes or no), I can honestly say that this movies sits at the top. The lead actors' chemistry clicked from the very 1st point where I saw them together in a scene. The guy was goofy as the girl was sweet -- and they're both freaking hilarious. This was definitely a movie that takes you on a journey, and will leave a smile in you face when it ends -- no matter how anti-clamactic / cliffhanging the ending may be. *spoiler! sorry I can't help myself. XD*
Hello Stranger portrays a young Thai man and woman who meet by coincidence while on vacation in South Korea. They decide to tour Korea together while keeping their names secret from each other. The movie was filmed in Korea and includes various locations that have appeared in Korean dramas that were broadcast in Thailand. via Wiki

Cast: Chunthawit Thanasewi (guy) and Nuengthida Sophon (girl)
Release Date: August 19, 2010 (thailand)
Producer: Banjong Pisanthanakun

*A song featuring the vocals of Nuengthida Sophon who played the as the 'girl' entitled 'Love Doesn't Take Time' was also featured in the film.

Below are snapshots from the film (all credits to Alice Chen)

*Okay, the scene above literally sent me hysterically laughing! XD

From the screenshots above, you can really guess that this was really 2 hours of goofiness! Treat yourself, and watch this one hell of a good movie! You can download it at AliceChen's Blog, click here. :))

Here's the trailer:

Enjoy! :)


  1. I heard this has a Part 2. Is there? :)

  2. really! oh my! i better research for it. thanks for the info. :)

  3. I also watch this movie and I supposed to cry too at the end.It will be great if they continue the story or having a hello strangers two .. :)))

  4. Hi! I've been watching thai movies also, you might want to try watching Teacher's Diary, it tops in my list(hello stranger is still on top though haha).

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