Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My first two weeks, so far... :D

My 2nd week has officially ended, and 2nd sem was barely warning up... but it feels waaaay too heavy already. As in totally 'toxic'! I don't know really. I was sooo happy after learning that our usual 5-day class was reduced to just 3 (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday)! Imagine the relief, but it came with us having 15 units crammed up in a one-day sched. Talk about hectic. 

2nd week, and my eye bags are already becoming bigger, and darker. Lol. Above was a picture I took right after I woke up. My room mates were always out whenever I don't have classes, and boredom got me here.

Reading books were a ritual of mine, but reading my school books are really stressing me out because too many jargons (bot that I don't understand them) are jammed up in a single page - especially in my audit theory book. Reading two massive books, plus an extra one, is becoming my breakfast every Tues and Thurs.

Out of the blue: A snapshot of my ever 'pudpod' nails with my audit book as the background. Lol. I painted it bright violet, the only way I could have fun in my otherwise boring school life. XD

A nice quote to brighten things out. It's from Twitter.

And of course, this recap wouldn't be complete without my frustrating first-exam experience. Ever get that feeling when you've read so much to catch up with all the chapters to review before the exam, never memorizing anything, just understanding them, only to realize, after looking at the exam papers, that it was pure theory, enumeration, and definition. Plus an additional straight problem, which I had the trouble of balancing because of that stupid 5,000 pesos and my silly mistake of overlooking that PPE purchase. Gawd, I'm so reckless.

Don't even bother looking at my enumeration answers because I know that they're wrong, partially if not wholly. I have no problem with the definition part because I'm experienced at improvising, but enumeration, goodness gracious! XD Nevermind the ranting. 

But that's okay, besides, I promised myself not to sulk in the corner and brood over my exam results in the future. I'll just do better next time. There's many things too feel great about anyway. 

Like this:

The wind was refreshing, especially when you're surrounded by so much trees. It's crazy how your environment changes your mood pretty quickly. :)

Note to self: Surround yourself with pretty and positive things! Fighting! You can always do it! :) - R

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