Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One-minute Writing for Rzzzp. :))

So I was scanning my reading list and stumbled upon a post from The One-Minute Writer. I've been following this blog for a while now (because of Adi, I suddenly became interested in 'writing prompts') but because of the amount of articles piled in my Reading List, I haven't been able to read every single post in there. and back again. I was reading it and found "Out of Place" to be the writing prompt for the day (Nov.1, 2011). This is a topic I can soooo relate to, so I decided to try. This is my first time, and I guess I had fun.

The rules were simple:
Yes complete with timer on the side.

And after a minute of fast-writing, here's what i came up with:

Can't find the right words to say;
Can't seem to find someone to stay.
Awkward as always, 
Weird in so many ways.
Tell me:
Why can't I have a place to stay?

Does that even make sense? Haha. Yeah, I know, the last two lines were weird. Never mind that, I think that's due to the pressure because time is running out. It looked like a poem? (Or so I think). This was a really exciting experience. I should try it more often. you should try it too. It's fun to squeeze yourself with some literary juices once in a while.

Riza. :))

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