Friday, November 18, 2011

Scrambling for Scholarships

College is a place where you can learn so much things - like struggling to make ends meet, or for others, find a source of extra income. And since government scholarships are in the air in Cavite right now because the sem just started, I decided to sign up for Junvic Remulla's, who is  the Governor of Cavite which is basically where I live. I'm absolutely new to this, add the fact that the only scholarship I've been availing for the last semesters was university-given. And seriously, I'm in awe with how much effort people would give just to get a hold of that scholarship form (the forms were pretty much limited, giving only 750 pieces a day for 3 days).

We planned to meet at 7'11 at 11 pm, and since buses become rare as soon as 8pm strikes, I decided to stay at one of my classmate's house. She had books stacked in her bedroom, and I'm a sucker for books, so I borrowed one (though, I bought one too to come in handy) to have something of a light read while we're waiting...

I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid in her bed to kill time, and I kinda enjoyed it. Haha. With all the shallowness of a child's mind, it was really entertaining. Add the fact that it so much easy to read (yeah, because it's a children's book to begin with), and it's a picture book of sort.

Because I sooooo enjoyed it, I finished it in one seating. Time well spent, huh. XP And then we head off...

Forms are supposed to be given away at I think 6 in the morning. And me and my classmates seriously thought that our plan to go at the Provincial Capitol at around 1 am was a total exaggeration, only to find out that people are already lining up outside at 8 in the evening. Goodness, that shocked me.

We signed up for reservation at around 10pm, and schockingly so, we're at 200+ already. Good thing we got there early.

Luckily so, my classmate's uncle works at the capitol and we're given a place to stay for the night. We killed our time at the office, watched movies (A Walk to Remember,particularly... talk about chick flicks, heh), played games, talk about anything - you name it.

A hot cup of coffee (free!) + Gardenia's Coffee Cream Roll in Coffee Crumble (which I'm beginning to love) + a good book = what kept me up. :)

And before we head out to fall in line, we took our breakfast at Jollibee to cater our otherwise grumbling stomachs from the all-night wait. I've always loved their hot chocolate. And eating breakfast at Jollibee is becoming my thing these past few days.

A shot we took while at the line. So much people. Our eye bags are standing out, from the whole night without sleep.

I'm really overwhelmed at how much people were there that time. I'm not really into crowded places so that kinda freaked me out. That's the view from were the people are filling out the forms. After assessing our grades one by one and verifying our registration forms, I've been issued this:

Haha. The result of all the hard work. This is my form. Hope I'll pass. :))

I went back home. Sleep as soon as I got the chance. When I woke up, it's already dark. And what a way to end the day but with a treat. Mom brought me one of Dunkin' Donuts' Premium line. From the looks of it, this is definitely Black Forrest.

Yum! :)

That was such a looooong day. And after I guess two or three hours of watching TV, it's pretty unusual, but I still felt sleepy and gone off to slumber. All's well that ends well. :)

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