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1st JPIA Christmas Build and 4-1 After-Party

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This may seem a bit overdue, but I have to post it anyway. :)

Merry Christmas! ^__^
Last Thursday - December 15, 2011 - our org had it's very first Christmas Party. Yep, 1st. And I don't really know why none of the past Chairman of the Board thought of throwing a party before the holiday vacation starts when Christmas Parties has become a tradition of sorts for every student who have undergone elementary and high school. But, never mind. Useless ramblings I know. Back to topic...

It was a almost-whole day event. And boy did we celebrated like hell! :)

Oh how I really love these snowman at the center stage
 Well, to start... Honestly, we've been planning a White Christmas sort of thing where each and everyone of us should wear white and the decors should have a snowflake or a snow man in it. But I don't know what happened.. other's seem to not heard about the dress code. Some were wearing other colors, but we proceeded anyway. :)
Me, Bianca, Aubrey, and Ate Mila. Striking a pose with that huge 'Merry Christmas' as back drop just before the program commenced.
Yep, another shot. Now a close up one.
Love these snow flakes. They've been hanging at the ceiling the whole duration of the party. Shame they just go straight to the garbage when we cleaned up. No one was willing to take them home anyway.
Err... well. This was probably the selfish me deciding to post only those photos where I look good, no matter how my friends look like. Haha. Peace guys! >.<
This was us, right before the Stop Dance began.
Food! >.< This was the high light of everything in the party of course - at least for me. Haha. I'm such a food enthusiast/addict - in short, I eat a lot. And when I say a lot - it a hell of a lot. Who would stand saying 'no' to these good food, eh? We're like five year-olds celebrating a birthday party. XD
My co-officers, as they tend the food. They're in-charge of giving away he food - actually, it's a 'we'. But I ended up falling in line because of my grumbling stomach. Haha. Don't judge me! I haven't eaten my breakfast that day. >,<
My group-mates for the Charade. It's a shame I'm not with them in this picture, but I'm the one who took it so I guess it can't be helped. Lels. ^__^ and to note: this game was the game I enjoyed the most.
Cake, courtesy of our faculty. It's actually the first I've tasted one flavored choco-orange or something - well, real chocolate bars aside. :D
In our by-law, 5th year students are supposed to be called 'terminals'. Though I think it's kinda odd, I guess I have no other choice. Well by the way, these are our ate and kuyas, right after they gave their performance of Super Bass. Which was quite a performance, I tell you. :)
Posing while we eat that cake. 
Another one. Now, many-er (if there's a word like that, haha). The more the merrier I guess.
Wow. It was one of the few pictures where we're almost complete. Two were absent in that photo, btw. It warms my heart seeing this picture. It's just that I miss having my classmates with me whenever we're partying. 
I was with everybody back then when I was wearing just white, but half-way the program, my classmate handed me this bright-yellow cardigan that I've ordered. Haha, I swear I was so recognizable - even in the distance! That jacket just made it all more fun. I thought it won't come to me until next year, but I guess things have a way for working out. And so, I wear it at once. :)

Me and 'Tin, taking a shot after the program proper.
HEART! :) (Stands for Hannah, Edlene, Abby, Riza, and Tin) Haha, I know. It's a bit corny, but we love it.
That's (L to R) me, Hannah, Edz, tin, and Abby.
My classmates knew so well that we can't bond as much as we want to when we're the other members of our organization so they decided that we shall have our own Christmas party right after the organization's program. It's some sort of an after-party, complete with food and gifts. But it would only include us. So we waited for the other students to leave before we started our own little program.

My barkada decided we should have our own exchange gifts (just the 5 of us), so that left us with more gifts recieved than other. :)

HEART, before we exchanged our gifts.
Of course, a snapshot of the gift bags before we open it. :)
Me, with Jean-chan. Hehe. Isn't she cute? It's very rare for her to pose in front of a camera (at least that's what I know), but she looked so cute with her Santa hat on, so I insisted on me taking a photo of us. End product is this, and it IS cute.
Yep. We're indian-sitted, as we circled in the floor. It was nice and warm (despite how cold it is because of that air conditioner)to see us like this. More of like a camp substitute. I hope events like this happen again. It felt so good. :)
Food! (yet again). Probably the BEST PALABOK I've ever tasted in my life. Tagaytay palabok! Wew! I had plenty, I even brought home 3 bags of it. 
Oops! Huli sa akto! Haha, I was so caught up in eating I haven't noticed someone taking a shot of me.
Incidentally, my nail polish matched my jacket. 
Part of what I got. It's Monami's Set of colored pen. I've been a fan of this brand ever since I accidentally bought it at Expressions. Been using this since I was in first year. Thanks, Jean-chan! Love it to its core! ^__^ 
Abby and me, posing with what we got. abby got a bear with purple polka dots. (And with Tin and Edz, so happy in the background. Haha, I seriously cracked up when I saw this. Lol. )
When we were almost cleaning up. 
Others went home immediately, so that left us. We posed with the giant Christmas tree as the background.
This was an event which I enjoyed the most. From picking the clothes to wear, to enjoying the food, the gifts and the games. I love the fact that when parties like this come, people tend to be a little cam whore than they normally do - thus, the insane amount of picture in my to-upload folders. But it's worth the effort. All the efforts my co-officer and I are never gone to waste. Everybody enjoyed it, as much as we enjoyed ourselves. I hope events like this continue. And I also hope that the next batch of officers would put up something like this which JPIAns would genuinely enjoy.

AND: I wish that instances like this would happen again. Instances where our section - my classmates- were there to celebrate with me. Instances where we could bond, enjoy, and leave our differences behind. It's like there never was a wall between all of us. Laughing, sharing food together. It strengthens the friendship we have for one another in ways I never imagined. 

Sana maulit ulit! :)

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