Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hoarder's Subject: Crack Nail Polish

My friend and I were eyeing these amazing Crack Nail Polishes for a while now. And one afternoon, when we headed out for  lunch, we luckily spotted some at the local store at a very affordable price of 40 php! 
Voila! My first ever crack nails! :)
I was studying non-stop for the whole half day from the moment I woke up, and boredom striked. Haha. It's almost insane, since they are very cheap in the local stores (yes, as low as 5-10 pesos really), we hoarded nail polishes like crazy. I can't stop smiling whenever I see the things we bought.

Yellow and black
I'm not really skilled at painting my nails so I have my friend do it for me, and she was kind enough to help. Her's was turquoise blue topped with white crack polish, while mine was, as you see above, pitch black base with bright/neon yellow crack polish. The colors were fun really, my friend's look like heaven embedded in her nails, while mine was - I don't know - a mutilated police lane? Lol. I just find mixing bright, neon colors with black really endearing.

Overall, it was a very good distraction from a very stressful day. :)

R. :))

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