Wednesday, December 21, 2011

John Green Overload.

And though I may say that I'm not really a fan of e-books, low budget because of the vacation and rarity of books left me no other choice.

I've been really excited in getting hold of Green's books ever since I started reading them but unfortunately, all I've put my hands on is Looking for Alaska (which just came by accident, if you know what I mean). So to satisfy my cravings, I downloaded Zombicorns in addition to An Abundance of Katherines which I promised myself I'll be reading (but still haven't finished it) a few months ago.

And no matter how I think to swap my Android phone to BlackBerry, I can't deny how useful it is to me these past few days. Haha, better than having no Kindle I guess. :)
Haha. I have to admit, Zombicorns' cover has been giving me the creeps ever since I downloaded it. AND, John Green was so generous to his Nerfighters that he put his 38-page apocalypse novella under a creative common license so that it could be downloaded for free and be shared! It's available in Word doc format and the more convenient PDF one. You can download it HERE for FREE! Such a fine treat, eh?

And just to note: Congratulate me for I am, yes I AM, almost finished with An Abundance of Katherines! Yey! After so long, I'm on my last quarter of the novel and I gotta say that I've enjoyed it so far. Hassan is really plucking my laughing strings, oh God, and Collin, yes, that self-absorbed bastard is getting my sympathy whether I like or not. Well, he's not really bad per se, but I just find his whining intolerable at times. But, at one point or another, I find myself relating to him like I've ever related to every favorite book characters I have. Haha, John Green has a hell of a talent for making me like someone like him. Ooops, sorry - useless book ramblings. >.< 

Well, yeah, I'll just keep yah updated in the following days. I'll probably finish AAoK before I go to sleep tonight. :)

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