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Movie: Grave of the Fireflies (Jap, 1988)

Studio Ghibli has been my major supplier of note-worthy animated films. I've always loved their films. The lessons, the executions - they're breathtakingly accurate.

Below is a cross-posted article that I wrote in my Tumblr account about one of Ghibli's most beautiful creations - Grave of the Fireflies:

Movie Poster courtesy of Wikipedia

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
I’m turned into a total emotional wreck after watching this. I’m seriously all over the place, and I’m sobbing all throughout the film. It’s the most human I’ve seen an animated film. It delivers a pretty disturbing and strong message.
That scene where Setsuka said that she knew all along that their mother had already died,and Seita just cried, poured all the hurt and loneliness the whole time he;s been keeping all his emotions to himself and hiding the truth from her. I’ve never really cried that hard, and that much, watching an animated film. This is a really good movie. Probably one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Perfect. Depressing, but perfect.
All the crying were delivered realistically,without the finesse that usual animated films present. And that makes it all better. The emotions were real, that’s why the response of the audience would probably be real too.
Oh how I would love to use the f-bomb but I will just settle with the countless ‘freak’ jolts, because it is this good — so FREAKIN’ AWESOME, and EMOTIONAL.
Gawd, I’m a goner. If you won’t cry or even the least bit affected if you yourself watched this film, then I don’t know, you’re not human you robot. To all of my followers, or to whoever is gonna read this, I recommend y’all better watch this. [Rotten Tomatoes: 96%, Fresh, 23 reviews]
I wrote this right after I watched the film so I'm a little bit (? >.<) all over the place. I would really love to post it with "Holiday Rewatch" in the title but I can't. I remember my brother reminding me before we watched it that netizens are saying that 'this films was so heartbreaking/depressing, you won't stand watching it twice'. Of course, I had to watch it in order to know if it is true - and so, I found it out the hard way.

My sentiments exactly.
Up until now, I still can't seem to gather enough courage to watch it one more time. Just the mere sound of Setsuka's voice laughing or sobbing still sends this tingling sensation in my chest. My room mate tend to watch it every now and then, but I'll just read something anything to drown out the sound. Every time I remember clips from the film, the heartbreaking ones, or even the joyful ones, they're still registered in my brain like people dying all over again right before my eyes.

This was soooo downright sad. But then, this was a beautifully weaved piece about family, responsibility, and the pain that war is giving ordinary people when each country seeks pride. These countries at war must realize that while they were fighting for honour, they only give suffering to their people. War is not some heroic struggle as some may put it, but in truth, it's a failure. A major fallout. A societal failure to protect its people. Some may survive the war unscathed, but in the end, no one really wins. The film highlighted it through Seita and Setsuka's tragic life. How some innocent young people suffered because of the greed and pride of few.

For those who still haven't seen it, I recommend you go watch it. This is a certain tear-jerker, from beginning to end. But beware, this film is designed to only be viewed once.

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