Saturday, December 31, 2011

New page... :)

There are moments when I cannot really post thoughts that came out of the blue because I fear that they would ruin the tone of my blog. Haha, silly me. I know. But I think, these thoughts, though small, still deserve to have their little space in here. I can't really type them out into long posts and go elaborating them one by one, but I felt that I really need to share them.

So there you are, I created a page named "Series of Unspeakable Emotions" (inspired by the piece 'Series of Unsent Letters' which by the way is a very emotional prose at deviantART which I can't quite find right now). It can be found below my header, beside the 'Home' tab.

They are unspeakable in a sense.. yes, because I can't really share them to my friends without explaining the hows and whys of the circumstances. And I don't want that. I just wanted to breathe out every little bit of emotion - let it all out. Like living in RL, you just do things, and not explain to people why you did them.

They may seem a bit random, but I hope you'd understand why I posted them. You're even allowed to post comments there, if you'll like.

They're not poems, I don't even expect them to be treated as a piece in itself. They're just emotions. Waiting to be freed. Untitled. They are what they are. And they contain ME.

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