Sunday, December 18, 2011

Skip Beat!: These latest chapters are killing me! :3

I literally can't hide the fact that I'm totally head-over-heels over this manga. My love for Skip Beat! is sooo freakin' much, it's not even funny. Haha.

And while the Violent Mission/Heel Siblings stint is taking waaay  too long (well, at least in my opinion), I'm getting pretty much indifferent whenever the chapter released in the one-chapter a week/2-week schedule does not contain any significant Ren x Kyoko interaction that may hint that they are actually starting to be open about their feelings for each other. However, these latest batch of chapters compensated for everything.

Haha, I was literally laughing, and screaming, and kind of giddy  - I'm LITERALLY all over the place the whole time I'm reading it.

Kyoko: "And I couldn't even turn away..."

Chapter 181, Page 4

THIS! ^ Goodness gracious, how I shrieked when I saw this. I bet the bookshelf I've been hitting is now suffering serious blows, for crying out loud! XD
Does that seem like siblings to you? I know that's what they're acting out, but their eyes just can't lie! See how they look at each other? It's like conflicting emotions of hard-kept-affection! Oh guys, why don't you just admit it and get it over with? XD
Anyways, it's days like these that I can't wait for the next chapters to arrive. Waiting for chapters to be published one by one is much harder than reading it straight when I was just beginning to get addicted to the manga. But I'll manage. Being a fan girl is such a hard work to do. :3

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