Sunday, January 22, 2012

R4JPIA Regional Sportsfest

The following pictures were taken when we attended the recently concluded event yesterday at San Juan de Letran - Clamaba in Laguna:

Right after the Ms. and Mr. R4JPIA pageant, we grabbed the title for Ms. R4JPIA 2012, and 1st runner up for Mr. R4JPIA 2012. We also managed to get the Best in Talent award. The Cavite delegation, mostly my fellow CvSUeƱos, with our President and Provincial Coordinator.

A picture of us having our celebratory dinner (gutom na gutom dahil sa pagod at biyahe XD) at ChicBoy Terraza Dasma. Good thing it was still open.

 And though I just played one game, dodgeball XD, I felt sooo freakin' tired. But every single thing is worth it. This day was sooo awesome and full of memories. And the fun and laughter were priceless. (Ang sakit ng tyan ko sa kakatawa sa jeep at sa restaurant.)

Thanks to the R4 board for hosting this event. Also, thanks to everyone who participated. To the Cavite Delegation - CvSu and DLSU-D. Till next time! Ganito kami sa Cavite! :)

The cold winds are rising...

I just saw the teaser trailer for Game of Thrones Season 2.. and it blew me away. That was a pretty precious 47 seconds, with Stannis Baratheon voicing over:
"My brother left no true born heirs. By right and birth and blood, I do this day lay claim to the iron throne of Westeros. Let all true men declare their loyalty. The iron throne is mine by right. They will bend the knee or I will destroy them.  The cold winds are rising..."
I love the way Stannis said "bend the knee". Hehe. I don't know. And that shot with Tyrion sitting with this hands on his chin screams "intellect". And the three horns heard at the end of the teaser could only refer to the warning the Night's Watch make to say that the White walkers are coming. Waaah, I am just so excited. Season 1 left me begging for more with the ending scene and all, that I'm starting to read the 'A Song of Fire and Ice' series of George R.R. Martin. Because of how much the first season kept me hanging, I decided to refer every questions I've got to the book where it is adapted. I'm currently reading "A Game of Thrones", and I swear, if the series was epic as it is, the book was much more awesome because it is written in the POV of almost every important character in the series, especially the Starks (I also love Tyrion's POV, and I hereby declare that he is my FAVORITE CHARACTER among the bunch I've read so far.). :)

Waaah! Season 2! Please hurry! :) This is show is now lined to my all time favorite TV Series ever, along side The Big Bang  Theory.

The tears you've cried

I found this quote posted in a Lessons Learned in Life Facebook Wall:

"None of the tears that you have ever cried in your life were wasted or in vain. Everything you wept over honored those moments in life as valuable and important and those feelings of sadness were sacred to your Soul."
- Dr Jeff Mullan

I found myself automatically reposting this quote in my own wall because this was so uplifting. Add the fact that my teacher commented "Specially so if during your prayer time, tears flowed from your eyes, am sure the Lord will listen to whatever you are asking for..."

None of the tears you've cried were wasted.  It felt like everything you've felt, happiness or even sadness,  were not just something. They all have meaning. And they all affected your life, no matter how minute the effect they had.

When you feel happy, or when you feel sad  - everything matters. Every person's feelings matter - at least in his own self, if not to others. Our feelings matter. We matter. :)


Go 'Like" the Facebook page 'Lessons Learned in Life'. Everything they post in their wall were amazing, and are so motivating and emotional.

Without You...

This is a scene in the Yes/No episode of Glee Season 3. I haven't watched the whole episode yet... but this.. is making me cry. T^T

Yes. For some reason, I am crying. It's not supposed to be a sad scene, but I don't know. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by all the emotions of the song, or Leah Michele's voice, or the way Finn and Rachel looked at each other, or the way the other characters look at Finn, or the smooth , sweet falsetto of Leah's voice. Waaah! I'm going nuts!

I know, from the start, that Leah Michele is phenomenal. But her voice in this song was not her usual over the top tone (maybe the echoes & the arrangement helped), and the acting was pretty real. I swear I'm about to melt while she looked in Finn's eyes with a reassuring smile in her face - like she's falling in love with him over again. The love in her eyes - that's what I'm talking about. No matter what others say, or no matter how some episodes were messed up or the plot badly written, these guys can truly act.

Well, excuse me while I go download this episode. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yey! My BDJ Lifestyle Card finally found its way! :)

Weeeh! After so much trouble and an endless thread of e-mails, my BDJ Lifestyle card finally found it's way home in my hands. XP The courier found it hard to locate our place for some reasons I don't know, but luckily, everything's finally settled. All's well that ends well, I guess. 

I was too happy when my mother handed it to me that I quickly ripped the envelope to get my hands on this one. I've waited, I think, almost a month to get this. I was just so thankful. I don't really know what I'd do in case my card get stranded, and the courier won't deliver it ever. Haha, I was sooo paranoid really. But, all the wait's over.

Now, my set's complete! My Belle de Jour Planner + my BDJ Lifestyle Card = FUN & FAB. This is planning, the chic way. Way to be organized. I've never been this excited owning a planner ever since i started using one. Thank you BDJ Team (@BDJBuzz), and sorry for bothering you with my e-mails. I just have to wait for upcoming events for me to further enjoy being a Bella. Ciao! :)

A lesson from Peter Griffin of Family Guy.


Haha. 'Nuff said. :)

An Updated Version of Me

Howdy, guys! J

It’d be a little too late to create a ‘New Year, New Me’ entry, but I’ll post it anyway. 

The annual PASUC IV Olympics was just recently held in our school last week, so it goes to say that classes are suspended for a week. And because my life just revolved around going to class and eating to survive when I’m at the University – well, almost, everything just passed like a blur.  I’ve nothing to do, so I took the opportunity to do what I’ve been meaning to do so badly ever since the holiday break started and ended: A NEW HAIRSTYLE! :P

Me, improvising some bangs to see if it would fit me. Haha. Side bangs, and an epic-fail full bangs.
(Taken last December, I think)
This picture should also be captioned as “Me, posing in my webcam like an idiot.” XD

Well, yeah. I’ve been meaning to get some bangs of my own and not just improvise, but I’m just too afraid. Haha. Maybe because I’ve been wearing my hair as it is since my 6th grade. Layered, straight hair. It was until my college days that I decided to go to the nearest salon for it to be either rebonded or relaxed. My hair was naturally jet black, but I’ve always wore them coloured ever since my father started dying his hair. Coffee brown, chestnut brown, burgundy, or even red - I’ve always loved the colours. 

And now, since a new year has already begun, and I just turned 20 – here is my treat for myself (including the books I got 2 weeks ago):

Chaaaaraaan! Here is my new ‘do’. I’ve settled for something different, to start it. A perm, I think it’s called a ‘zigzag curl’ because it was unlike the spiral/ring curl that I’ve been seeing quite a lot lately. AND, I coloured my hair ‘light blond’, though it seems that it was more of a ‘light brown’ in shade. Haha. But no matter what, I loved this new style. It added a little something to me. 

Here was a picture of me in straight hair, taken last year:

Awwww. The stylist cut off a large chunk of it.
 And though I am experiencing some sort of straight-hair withdrawal, and I somehow missed it, I felt really glad I’ve done this. It was like breathing fresh air. With new things, come new feelings. I don’t know why, but it was just like that. And since I’m really trying to appreciate my new hair more in order to get over said withdrawal, I was taking a lot of pictures of myself lately. Haha. :P

Sorry for flooding this post with my face. XP
And so, I just crossed out another entry in my 2012 bucket list: REINVENT ONE ASPECT OF MYSELFJ

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Four Seasons

I'm not really a classical music junkie, but I must admit, I love listening to it. Usually, I'm into jazz and acoustics but having some twist in my playlist won't hurt. Besides, the anime La Corda 'dOro fired up my curiosity for some fine classics, and instrumentals - somehow - were my thing - and I guess that may pass up something at least semi-classical, especially the piano ones.

On how I got there:
And so, I was searching for some self-help articles on how to hone my focus (I'm having trouble with controlling my environment lately, getting me way too distracted to even finish one task. It's such a mess that it's taking up double the time I a lot to one task.), and I came across this particular article at This was entitled 8 Ways to Improve Your Focus and Control Your Attention by Stephen Mills. (Click the link if you want to read the article.) And at #5, Stephen mentioned about adjusting your simulation level. He said that playing music or sounds that relax you may help lower the simulation level and listening to upbeat music or videos may increase it. And of course, I go for the latter. So I tried the music he suggested would suit that kind of need. Classical, they turned out to be: Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.

"The Four Seasons (Italian: Le quattro stagioni) is a set of four violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi. Composed in 1723, The Four Seasons is Vivaldi's best-known work, and is among the most popular pieces of Baroque music." (via Wiki) The four concertos were named after each season - being Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - each concerto, in three movements. These four concertos were written to accompany sonnets and allusions (which you can read HERE). I'm a fan of the subtlety and depth of poetry, and I can truly say they were beautifully made.

Probably talking gibberish again, but let me say it anyway:
I already heard one or two from this album, but I didn't know that they're such widely-known work by then. And it felt really good that I liked them, even before I even knew their backgrounds. Because you know, sometimes, title and acclaim affects a person's opinion in a thing.

At first, really, I was pretty unsure whether this would work out for me, but it turns out, it did. Listening to most classical pieces in the past leaves me a bit drowsy, but this is different. As Stephen implied, these were really stimulating. Listening to them makes me feel good, for some reason. And sometimes, it makes me feel sad. But 'nuff said, that goes to say, I love them. The pieces were smoothly performed, and relaxing to hear.I especially love the parts of the concerto in Allegro non molto movements (especially Summer's).

I listen to them first thing in the morning when I woke up to prepare for school. I listen to them whenever I'm reading my school books, or just chilling out and reading a good fiction book. I listen to them whenever I need want to block off the endless chatters and distractions in our pad. And I listened to them when I walk to school, early in the morning, while inhaling the sweet morning dew. Apparently, the whole album is on repeat - and they really bring good vibes to my being.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

How I obsessed over the whole Four Season idea. I'm a romantic, and I guess, romanticism involves the fantasy of a perfect transition of seasons - more like a metaphor for the transition in one's life.

I've found a Mediafire link, where you can download it if ever you became interested or just want to share my love for this album. To download, just CLICK HERE. They're converted to .rar file, so just extract it, and voila, you have there a beautifully made piece of gem. Music in the ears, indeed. :)

Not aligned, but in circles...

Whenever I read a Murakami work, more often than not, I always feel pain. There's this sense of emptiness, that no matter how cheerful one scene get, or even a line delivered, my mind always finds ways to always work out meanings that sometimes relate more personally to me than in the book itself. I don't know, maybe I'm just over-analyzing things, or maybe that's just how Haruki Murakami's writing affects me. Of course, considering that I'm a tragedy sucker, I'm biased when I say it...

Ever so often, whenever I read a book, there's always this one quote that will stick to me through the end. A quote that will keep me thinking, no matter where it appeared in the plot. It may be in the beginning, middle, or the end. And I think that that one quote embodies that whole book, and maybe it's meaning for me.

Right now, I'm almost finished reading Sputnik Sweetheart (of course by Murakami)... and right there, I found this:
And it came to me then. That we were wonderful travelling companions but in the end no more than lonely lumps of metal in their own separate orbits. From far off they look like beautiful shooting stars, but in reality they're nothing more than prisons, where each of us is locked up alone, going nowhere. When the orbits of these two satellites of ours happened to cross paths, we could be together. Maybe even open our hearts to each other. But that was only for the briefest moment. In the next instant we'd be in absolute solitude. Until we burned up and became nothing.
~ Miu, Sputnik Seetheart (Haruki Murakami)
This totally got me. It dawned on me how sad these two characters are, in reality. Of course I was pretty aware of that, but this particular quote heightened that sense of loneliness and pity I felt for each of them.

"Until we burned up and became nothing." Well, that was sad. It's like destiny, not aligned, but in circles. Only meeting in one specific point in time, but needed to let go as soon as they touched. Because that's how it is. That's how it'll ever be. And I pained for them, as much as they pained for themselves.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

An unexpected gift

No matter how much it's worth, or who is it from - just receiving a gift makes me feel special enough. So imagine how happy I am when I received a uniquely handcrafted gift (from the gift wrapping to the gift itself) from my Uncle straight from the province.

Photo spam, because I admire it so much I wasn't able to stop myself from snapping too much pictures:

Still hanging on...

A few more sleepless nights. And we're good to go. :)

A rather comforting thought

Knowing that sometimes, some things are just self-inflicted, can be avoided. And knowing that sooner or later, it would all just go away. It makes it easier sometimes.


"Ocean is trapped in her eyes..."

Early-year splurge at NBS. XP

I know it's just the first week of the year, and I am barely living up to that 'save some money at the end of the day' plan that I've been working on -- but what can I do? I just couldn't help it. XP

So it was Saturday, and I'm thirsting to go home because of all the time I've spent in my dormitory, my face literally shoved in my school book almost all of the time. My class just ended, and I figured I could do something for myself because I received all this money, and some good scores from last year's exam... so I decided to take a trip to National Book Store to clear my mind off things. And since I just turned 20 last December 30th, I kept convincing myself that this is some sort of a parting gift for myself for formally leaving my teenage years.

And as I came out of the book store, I found myself carrying these:

How to Walk in High Heels:
The Girl's Guide to Everything
by Camilla Morton
P 385.00
Sputnik Sweetheart
by Haruki Murakami
P 485.00

I didn't really intended to buy these two, but for some reason, they kept pulling me and I can't seem to succeed in convincing myself to leave the store without these in my hands. So, I ended up buying them anyways.
  • How to Walk in High Heels: The Girl's Guide to Everything by Camilla Morton. Frankly speaking, I saw this even before the time I bought it. Though I must admit that the book is quite intriguing, I'm not much into self-help books, really. But after reading Ms. Regina's 'review-of-sorts' in her blog, I know I have to pick this up. I'm not getting any younger, and a year or so, I'll be leaving college and the comfort of my dear dorm bed, be taking up the board exam, pass (in God's grace, I hope so), and just like that, instantly become a professional. Time is running out, to make it short. And I feel that there's still a lot that I've been missing, and I can't trust that everything I'll need to learn, I will learn in school now. I need to get some help - serious help if you know what I mean. And reading a book like this is a start. Though really, just having this book somehow makes me feel like I'm from Upper East Side of the Gossip Girl Land. Hoho. But 'Nuff said - I absolutely know that this would come in handy, one way or another. :)
  • Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami. I'm a Murakami convert. And after turning the last page of Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, I know that I have to pick up another one of his works. I mean, he just drives me crazy. Well, as to Sputnik Sweetheart: I really intended to buy Norweigan Wood, but it turns out, they still haven't got any stock of it yet in that branch. Whew, but because  I basically can't really control it when I see many Murakami Books and I have some money left, I ended up buying one. I chose Sputnik Sweetheart because it has many good reviews. A Wild Sheep Chase  could wait. :)

Also got this seemingly recycled bookmark for 10 pesos in the counter. I figure the bamboo print and the brown paper would look fabulous with my new Murakami Book.

Ow, so much for spending great amount of 'dough' (yep, infected by Holden if you know what I mean) in the first week of 2012. But screw everything, I'll just figure my way here. Besides, books are good investments. :P

Bella Reflection #001

It’s only the second week of using it but my Belle de Jour Planner has been inspiring me sooo much. The name doesn’t lie when it said ‘Power Planner’ because it can really empower someone in simple ways I never really thought would affect me.

One thing about this planner is the abundance of quotable quotes in almost every page. I’m an avid fan of quotes, and I have this tendency of taking note even the most insignificant line of a book I’m reading as long as it has a special meaning to me. And this planner is heaven.

Every bit of me believes I can do wonders with my body, my being, my life.” ‘Nuff said.

I especially love the “This Year will Be Different” section of this planner. And these statements printed in the page of the second week of January especially caught my eye.

This year will be different... Challenging yourself to exceed you expectations... Staying strong though gloomy days haunt you. These are quite inspiring.

I remember putting that “This week, I will FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF.” And I did. Somehow, writing it provides some concreteness of this thought, making me feel really motivated to achieve what I’ve written. I woke up early, slept early. Strive to meet my planned sched. Allotted some free time for me to do whatever I want, to read. And allotted enough to time to study hard. And somehow, it appears that if I just put my mind to handling my time correctly, everyday isn’t as toxic as I though it is. In the end, I realized that I was just thinking about things too hard. And that it is possible for me to do everything I need to do if I just put my mind to it.

Whew! I can do this. Thanks to my planner, really. I hope this continues... :)

Me, getting some love. :)

Sometimes, I find myself being overwhelmed by how supportive people can be in times of need. This just happens out of the blue. I’m usually oblivious to that fact, and it takes literally shoving it to my face for me to realize how people believed in me and in what I could do.

Here was a message I got on my birthday from one of our faculty:

I was feeling a bit down that day, and I don’t why, but I seemed to thank the people who greeted me more than I should. All I have to do was say thank you for that one greeting, but I ended up thanking that person for all of the things he/she have done to me that deserved my sincere gratitude. My birthday was one of those days where I especially feel emotional/sentimental/fragile or whatever label you could put in those emotions. That looked ridiculous now that I think of it, but after reading all the greetings and stuff plus considering how I was feeling that time, replying to them in length seem like the right thing to do.

After I received this message, I really felt better. I was really sensitive when it comes to my studies, especially now, since people have been pushing and pushing me but I feel that I can’t live up to their expectations. So having a faculty say that you’re actually good or even just ‘enough’ makes everything seem better – though temporary. It takes so much to take my mind off things. Recognition and status are one of my weakest spots, and with that message, I got that. Thank you ma’am.

Sparks flew, and I cried...

More often than not, I find myself crying for the wrong reasons.

I was reading A Walk to Remember in my phone last night. It was a little before midnight I think, so almost everyone was asleep in our dorm room except me. I came across that chapter where Landon realized out of the blue that he has already fallen in love with Jamie. The particular passage was:
"She smiled at me, and I smiled at her... and all I could do was wonder how I’d ever fallen in love with a girl like Jamie Sullivan."
And for some reason, I cried. Haha. It’s almost insane, really. I was giggling to myself in middle of night because of how silly I was to cry in a scene like that – just when everything was starting to fall into the right places. I can’t really understand, it took a long while for me to recover and continue reading.

The strange part here was I was that I cried more in that scene, than when all of the drama started to unroll. Haha. Silly me. Sometimes, I really can’t understand how my brain works. XP

Late post for New Year's

The first time I’ve ever worn a dress in New Year’s... and even the first time that I’ve ever worn a dress at home.

Haha. Cheers for yet another year. Since I just turned 20, might as well make some transformations... :)

A few days have already passed... but this picture is still receiving my love. <3

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I added some new pages to satisfy my Bookwormism! Cheers! Check it out above!

This includes:

This will house my quest on reading everything in Fully Booked List of Top 100 Books of the Last Century. I've had this list for quite a while already, but only now did I thought about posting this in my blog. (How silly of me). So here goes for the my intro to the page:
A page dedicated to challenging myself. Full Booked released this list of "Top 100 Books of the Last Century", and yes, I'm meaning to read all of them. This would not only motivate me, but also, I know that this would be quite exciting especially for the likes of me who seem to have second thoughts reading anything but sci-fi. This page will host updates, as well as links to my reviews and opinions regading the books listed below. Happy reading to me. And to you, whoever is reading this, if ever you want to join me & counquer this list together. :)
The List. :3
So, basically, as anyone who reads know, this page will house my books (haha, adding 'my' really sound like owning them). These are books that I've read, to books that I'm bound to read. This is hosted by Goodreads. (Add me up!)Enjoy the list, and compare with me. Pretty please? :)
You can pretty much just click them above in the tabs below my header. I've been adding up a lot of pages lately. But they're fun, so I guess there's no helping it. Hope you like them! :3

Anthem of my Life

Even before all the hype began. Even before the season-ender feature of Rolling in the Deep in Gossip Girl Season 4. Even before Haley Reinhart covered it in American Idol Season 10. And even before the same song became the most covered song in YouTube. From Chasing Pavements, to everything 2011. I loved her ever since.

And as she rose to fame, but still rejecting every bit of commercialization, I remain a fan. And with the release of her much-coveted album, 21, she permanently made a territory in my heart.

Listening to '21' felt like every bit of myself for the past 4 years laid upon my eyes. Everything. From bitterness, to anger, to begging for another chance, to eventual desperation. This is the ultimate heartbreak/breaking up album. Every song speaks to me, and it almost felt that it was written just for me. (Haha). And though I pretty much overcame these emotions (though not totally), I know that there are so many who felt the same way that I do. Much evidence is how this very album topped almost every chart around the globe. Adele turned her heartbreak into opportunities, and in the end, she emerged successful. And I love that she had that fire into her. She have that voice that seemingly speaks to your soul. That voice that can penetrate you without all the antics and the pyrotechnics that are commonly used by artists nowadays to attract attention to what they do.

She's been gaining much respect due to her attitude regarding her weight. And she doesn't care what any body thinks, she just do things that makes her happy. She's my hero... And really, no words could ever describe how much I love her and her songs.

'Anthem of my life' may have been a little overdue since I'm a little better now. And though those feelings are long gone, I still like to inject myself some drama of reminiscence and nostalgia at times. And her songs provide comfort to me. The sound of her voice, best heard with the sound of rain as they fall in the rooftop. The soothing feel of EVERYTHING that she sings. And the words that she'd written, incorporated to a song, stings like hell. I love myself some feel-good, laid-back songs... but nothing is more poetic but painfully sweet at the same time than sad love songs written from hurt, longing, and bitterness of someone who encountered them herself.

Book Review: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman by Haruki Murakami

I posted this picture before in my entry on how I gushed that I finally bought my first Murakami. And now, I'll say it again... this is such a gem. I impulsively bought this when my mother asked me to take any one book that I like at National Book Store. I am a very discrimating reader, and a little judgemental about book covers, but  I decided to pick it anyway. This was my first look at Murakami, and it didn't disappoint me -  it was everything I hoped for and more. 

Haruki Murakami is a literary genius (>.<) from Japan who wrote some of the most beautifully written novels and stories of his generation. His trademark could easily be spotted, from the first words to the last. Post-modern and surreal - that's how i could generally describe his writing... and Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (a collection of 24-short stories uniquely written) is no exception. 

Most often than not, when I read a work of any widely-known author, I somehow felt intimidated. But after finishing the first story in this collection, the title story 'Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman', I found myself lost in words. The story was simple, yet it left a very morbid feel to me or something, that I even dedicated a review post for this because of how utterly bewildered I am. Haha, I guess it's just the shock factor playing. 

At first, I intended to post a review for each short story that I read in this collection... But I found myself reading the next one after another without pause. And at some point, I think I became addicted to his writing. >.< When I'm reading every story in this collection, it almost felt like I am dreaming. It's like being in a different place... you seem alienated, but somehow, you liked it. The element of the ridiculous, or the painful effect of one situation. It left me feeling surprised, confused, or even hurt without knowing it. Reading these stories makes my emotions fluctuate, really. I usually read it before I go to sleep to relax my mind, or right when I wake up during the wee hours between being sleepy and waking up alert. Or even when I was so caught up studying, I need to grab it to somehow free my mind from the pressure. And before I knew it, I finished it in a breeze.

Almost everything left an impression to me. But out of everything else, some did leave a mark that make me grab it again and read the passages that I like:
:: Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman; Birthday Girl; A Folklore for my Generation: A Pre-History of Late-Stage Capitalism; A 'Poor Aunt' Story; The Ice Man; Firefly; Chance Traveler; The Kidney-Shaped Stone That Moves Everyday; A Shinagawa Monkey

Ehem. Excuse my eye bags. >.<

I found myself thinking about A Folklore for my Generation most often than any of the stories in this collection for some reason. I was very intrigued with the guy's view on having sex - pre-marital sex to be exact He put it as if it was some vital thing required in a high school relationship. Like it was some kind of a way to make him complete and for them to understand each other more. It's a sense of being one, physically... and he felt incomplete. Well, I was quite surprised... and it's the first time I've ever read a guy's perspective regarding this in the relationship. Commonly, in novels I've read with love scenes, they just happen. No explanations. It was as if they both know that it is meant to happen. No underlying reasons, besides 1) they love/like each other, 2) they're attracted to each other, 3) mainly lust overpowering them, or 4) they just want it to happen. So I was really taken back when I encountered a character where making love means more to him than the 4 reasons I've mentioned earlier. (At least, that's what it appears to me.)

Another are the questions posed to me by Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman and Firefly, which, I discovered, happens to have a good deal of answer and explanation when I buy Norweigan Wood in the near future. It's another book written by Haruki Murakami which established him as a literary superstar in his homeland. Elements of the the two stories are incorporated in the said novel, and Firefly is actually an excerpt of this one.

Well, I unconsciously made this post sooo long. I just love this book to it's core, so it's probably my fan heart talking. This is highly recommended. I'll probably be having this in my bedside book stack to read whenever i found myself yearning for it. Murakami is a genius, and I found myself loving him as an author. I'll probably be saving (if not buying them on impulse >.<) for his other books this 2012. :))

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Says Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt in their duet. Zooey uploaded a video of them singing this Nancy Wilson song in her Youtube channel, hellogiggles.

I've always admired these two ever since I first watched '500 Days of Summer',and go about shipping them ever since I can remember. I soooo love them, it's not even funny. Haha. So imagine how my face suddenly lighted up the moment I saw several links and mention of this very video in my Facebook dash. (>.<) For the life of me, they're so adorable! They've got some crazy chemistry whenever they're together, and I didn't even know that Joe could sing until today! Goodness! That just adds up to the many points why I consider him one of the guys I've got a serious girl crush on.

Check out their video:

I can't believe how everything just lights up in my eyes whenever they're together. Just look the way they're looking at each other. And that serious musical chemistry, too. I don't know why, or maybe 500 Days of Summer just seem to lead my mind to believing that they're actually meant together (or just by Tom Hansen alone). Haha. I can't deny that it is one of my favorite movies (watched it sooo many times, for crying out loud). And though Joe just got 'friendzoned' in Zooey's video description, my fangirl heart still holds on to the possibility that they would end up together in RL.

Oh guys, why don't you just get married already! :3


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