Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anthem of my Life

Even before all the hype began. Even before the season-ender feature of Rolling in the Deep in Gossip Girl Season 4. Even before Haley Reinhart covered it in American Idol Season 10. And even before the same song became the most covered song in YouTube. From Chasing Pavements, to everything 2011. I loved her ever since.

And as she rose to fame, but still rejecting every bit of commercialization, I remain a fan. And with the release of her much-coveted album, 21, she permanently made a territory in my heart.

Listening to '21' felt like every bit of myself for the past 4 years laid upon my eyes. Everything. From bitterness, to anger, to begging for another chance, to eventual desperation. This is the ultimate heartbreak/breaking up album. Every song speaks to me, and it almost felt that it was written just for me. (Haha). And though I pretty much overcame these emotions (though not totally), I know that there are so many who felt the same way that I do. Much evidence is how this very album topped almost every chart around the globe. Adele turned her heartbreak into opportunities, and in the end, she emerged successful. And I love that she had that fire into her. She have that voice that seemingly speaks to your soul. That voice that can penetrate you without all the antics and the pyrotechnics that are commonly used by artists nowadays to attract attention to what they do.

She's been gaining much respect due to her attitude regarding her weight. And she doesn't care what any body thinks, she just do things that makes her happy. She's my hero... And really, no words could ever describe how much I love her and her songs.

'Anthem of my life' may have been a little overdue since I'm a little better now. And though those feelings are long gone, I still like to inject myself some drama of reminiscence and nostalgia at times. And her songs provide comfort to me. The sound of her voice, best heard with the sound of rain as they fall in the rooftop. The soothing feel of EVERYTHING that she sings. And the words that she'd written, incorporated to a song, stings like hell. I love myself some feel-good, laid-back songs... but nothing is more poetic but painfully sweet at the same time than sad love songs written from hurt, longing, and bitterness of someone who encountered them herself.

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