Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bella Reflection #001

It’s only the second week of using it but my Belle de Jour Planner has been inspiring me sooo much. The name doesn’t lie when it said ‘Power Planner’ because it can really empower someone in simple ways I never really thought would affect me.

One thing about this planner is the abundance of quotable quotes in almost every page. I’m an avid fan of quotes, and I have this tendency of taking note even the most insignificant line of a book I’m reading as long as it has a special meaning to me. And this planner is heaven.

Every bit of me believes I can do wonders with my body, my being, my life.” ‘Nuff said.

I especially love the “This Year will Be Different” section of this planner. And these statements printed in the page of the second week of January especially caught my eye.

This year will be different... Challenging yourself to exceed you expectations... Staying strong though gloomy days haunt you. These are quite inspiring.

I remember putting that “This week, I will FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF.” And I did. Somehow, writing it provides some concreteness of this thought, making me feel really motivated to achieve what I’ve written. I woke up early, slept early. Strive to meet my planned sched. Allotted some free time for me to do whatever I want, to read. And allotted enough to time to study hard. And somehow, it appears that if I just put my mind to handling my time correctly, everyday isn’t as toxic as I though it is. In the end, I realized that I was just thinking about things too hard. And that it is possible for me to do everything I need to do if I just put my mind to it.

Whew! I can do this. Thanks to my planner, really. I hope this continues... :)


  1. Hi Riza, wow you also have Belle de Jour. My first time din na I used Belle de Jour and it really helps me for being positive. I love all the quotes, notes, actually lahat ng nasa Belle de Jour (^_^)

  2. Yes, ate. I purchased it last October. I've been reading so much about it ever since I joined Blogspot last year, kaya I decided to try. Hehe. Tama! The BDJ Planner is LOVE. 'Pag nagka-event, let's meet. :)

  3. Hi Riza, o sige pag may event (...e kaya lang depende sa schedule) ate talaga he!he!he! okey lang mas matanda naman talaga ako sa'yo (secret na age ko ha!) anyway study hard dear mahirap yang course mo. BOOKS before BOYS - well nababasa ko nga blog mo puro books (^_^) love it

  4. Yeah, I know right. Hehe. Pardon me for calling you ate... FC? >.< Wala lang, I just want to meet new people here at Blogspot. God bless po!:)


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