Sunday, January 1, 2012


I added some new pages to satisfy my Bookwormism! Cheers! Check it out above!

This includes:

This will house my quest on reading everything in Fully Booked List of Top 100 Books of the Last Century. I've had this list for quite a while already, but only now did I thought about posting this in my blog. (How silly of me). So here goes for the my intro to the page:
A page dedicated to challenging myself. Full Booked released this list of "Top 100 Books of the Last Century", and yes, I'm meaning to read all of them. This would not only motivate me, but also, I know that this would be quite exciting especially for the likes of me who seem to have second thoughts reading anything but sci-fi. This page will host updates, as well as links to my reviews and opinions regading the books listed below. Happy reading to me. And to you, whoever is reading this, if ever you want to join me & counquer this list together. :)
The List. :3
So, basically, as anyone who reads know, this page will house my books (haha, adding 'my' really sound like owning them). These are books that I've read, to books that I'm bound to read. This is hosted by Goodreads. (Add me up!)Enjoy the list, and compare with me. Pretty please? :)
You can pretty much just click them above in the tabs below my header. I've been adding up a lot of pages lately. But they're fun, so I guess there's no helping it. Hope you like them! :3


  1. aawww. Para kay B! my fave!

  2. Hi kristina! Thanks for commenting on my posts...
    Haha, really? Para Kay B is my favorite tagalog novel, too. I think we have more things in common than I thought. :3


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