Saturday, January 7, 2012

Me, getting some love. :)

Sometimes, I find myself being overwhelmed by how supportive people can be in times of need. This just happens out of the blue. I’m usually oblivious to that fact, and it takes literally shoving it to my face for me to realize how people believed in me and in what I could do.

Here was a message I got on my birthday from one of our faculty:

I was feeling a bit down that day, and I don’t why, but I seemed to thank the people who greeted me more than I should. All I have to do was say thank you for that one greeting, but I ended up thanking that person for all of the things he/she have done to me that deserved my sincere gratitude. My birthday was one of those days where I especially feel emotional/sentimental/fragile or whatever label you could put in those emotions. That looked ridiculous now that I think of it, but after reading all the greetings and stuff plus considering how I was feeling that time, replying to them in length seem like the right thing to do.

After I received this message, I really felt better. I was really sensitive when it comes to my studies, especially now, since people have been pushing and pushing me but I feel that I can’t live up to their expectations. So having a faculty say that you’re actually good or even just ‘enough’ makes everything seem better – though temporary. It takes so much to take my mind off things. Recognition and status are one of my weakest spots, and with that message, I got that. Thank you ma’am.

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