Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sparks flew, and I cried...

More often than not, I find myself crying for the wrong reasons.

I was reading A Walk to Remember in my phone last night. It was a little before midnight I think, so almost everyone was asleep in our dorm room except me. I came across that chapter where Landon realized out of the blue that he has already fallen in love with Jamie. The particular passage was:
"She smiled at me, and I smiled at her... and all I could do was wonder how I’d ever fallen in love with a girl like Jamie Sullivan."
And for some reason, I cried. Haha. It’s almost insane, really. I was giggling to myself in middle of night because of how silly I was to cry in a scene like that – just when everything was starting to fall into the right places. I can’t really understand, it took a long while for me to recover and continue reading.

The strange part here was I was that I cried more in that scene, than when all of the drama started to unroll. Haha. Silly me. Sometimes, I really can’t understand how my brain works. XP


  1. Hi Riza! :)

    Funny thing is, parehas na parehas tayo na umiyak diyan sa scene na iyan. Ewan ko, kasi parang, Nicholas Sparks has this knack of words when it comes to describing the process of falling in love and it just touches you in a funny way that you can't understand talaga. :)

    Natuwa naman ako dun sis! :D


    1. haha... magkakasundo tayo diyan. it's weird no? i always tend to cry for the wrong reason and in the wrong places. we're a mess, dear. Hehe. but it's good. :)

      thanks for commenting. xoxo


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