Sunday, January 22, 2012

The tears you've cried

I found this quote posted in a Lessons Learned in Life Facebook Wall:

"None of the tears that you have ever cried in your life were wasted or in vain. Everything you wept over honored those moments in life as valuable and important and those feelings of sadness were sacred to your Soul."
- Dr Jeff Mullan

I found myself automatically reposting this quote in my own wall because this was so uplifting. Add the fact that my teacher commented "Specially so if during your prayer time, tears flowed from your eyes, am sure the Lord will listen to whatever you are asking for..."

None of the tears you've cried were wasted.  It felt like everything you've felt, happiness or even sadness,  were not just something. They all have meaning. And they all affected your life, no matter how minute the effect they had.

When you feel happy, or when you feel sad  - everything matters. Every person's feelings matter - at least in his own self, if not to others. Our feelings matter. We matter. :)


Go 'Like" the Facebook page 'Lessons Learned in Life'. Everything they post in their wall were amazing, and are so motivating and emotional.

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  1. Thanks for recommending that like page. I was looking for more pages like that. :)


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