Saturday, January 7, 2012

An unexpected gift

No matter how much it's worth, or who is it from - just receiving a gift makes me feel special enough. So imagine how happy I am when I received a uniquely handcrafted gift (from the gift wrapping to the gift itself) from my Uncle straight from the province.

Photo spam, because I admire it so much I wasn't able to stop myself from snapping too much pictures:

I mean - really - besides the figurine body, and the wings I guess, everything was made manually. Everything, even the gift wrapping which was too pretty, I can't stand it when I cut the ribbons to open it.

Words fail me to describe how breathtakingly beautiful this is for me. Everything in the dress of the angels were manually cut and sewn - from the fabric, to the accents of the dress, to the draping and folds. I mean, how can such talent go unnoticed? My uncle really is skilled when it comes to these things. I honestly think, e should open a decor store or design some dresses, or something of that sort. 

This is soooooo (for lack of a better word) angelic. And the way these angels present themselves carry a certain beauty to them. But really, those dresses!

Thanks to my uncle, really.

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