Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Updated Version of Me

Howdy, guys! J

It’d be a little too late to create a ‘New Year, New Me’ entry, but I’ll post it anyway. 

The annual PASUC IV Olympics was just recently held in our school last week, so it goes to say that classes are suspended for a week. And because my life just revolved around going to class and eating to survive when I’m at the University – well, almost, everything just passed like a blur.  I’ve nothing to do, so I took the opportunity to do what I’ve been meaning to do so badly ever since the holiday break started and ended: A NEW HAIRSTYLE! :P

Me, improvising some bangs to see if it would fit me. Haha. Side bangs, and an epic-fail full bangs.
(Taken last December, I think)
This picture should also be captioned as “Me, posing in my webcam like an idiot.” XD

Well, yeah. I’ve been meaning to get some bangs of my own and not just improvise, but I’m just too afraid. Haha. Maybe because I’ve been wearing my hair as it is since my 6th grade. Layered, straight hair. It was until my college days that I decided to go to the nearest salon for it to be either rebonded or relaxed. My hair was naturally jet black, but I’ve always wore them coloured ever since my father started dying his hair. Coffee brown, chestnut brown, burgundy, or even red - I’ve always loved the colours. 

And now, since a new year has already begun, and I just turned 20 – here is my treat for myself (including the books I got 2 weeks ago):

Chaaaaraaan! Here is my new ‘do’. I’ve settled for something different, to start it. A perm, I think it’s called a ‘zigzag curl’ because it was unlike the spiral/ring curl that I’ve been seeing quite a lot lately. AND, I coloured my hair ‘light blond’, though it seems that it was more of a ‘light brown’ in shade. Haha. But no matter what, I loved this new style. It added a little something to me. 

Here was a picture of me in straight hair, taken last year:

Awwww. The stylist cut off a large chunk of it.
 And though I am experiencing some sort of straight-hair withdrawal, and I somehow missed it, I felt really glad I’ve done this. It was like breathing fresh air. With new things, come new feelings. I don’t know why, but it was just like that. And since I’m really trying to appreciate my new hair more in order to get over said withdrawal, I was taking a lot of pictures of myself lately. Haha. :P

Sorry for flooding this post with my face. XP
And so, I just crossed out another entry in my 2012 bucket list: REINVENT ONE ASPECT OF MYSELFJ


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    1. thanks for commenting! wow, you've gone waaaay back in my posts. thanks! :3 more power to you!


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