Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Says Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt in their duet. Zooey uploaded a video of them singing this Nancy Wilson song in her Youtube channel, hellogiggles.

I've always admired these two ever since I first watched '500 Days of Summer',and go about shipping them ever since I can remember. I soooo love them, it's not even funny. Haha. So imagine how my face suddenly lighted up the moment I saw several links and mention of this very video in my Facebook dash. (>.<) For the life of me, they're so adorable! They've got some crazy chemistry whenever they're together, and I didn't even know that Joe could sing until today! Goodness! That just adds up to the many points why I consider him one of the guys I've got a serious girl crush on.

Check out their video:

I can't believe how everything just lights up in my eyes whenever they're together. Just look the way they're looking at each other. And that serious musical chemistry, too. I don't know why, or maybe 500 Days of Summer just seem to lead my mind to believing that they're actually meant together (or just by Tom Hansen alone). Haha. I can't deny that it is one of my favorite movies (watched it sooo many times, for crying out loud). And though Joe just got 'friendzoned' in Zooey's video description, my fangirl heart still holds on to the possibility that they would end up together in RL.

Oh guys, why don't you just get married already! :3


  1. They said they are super friends but they really have good chemistry! :)) Tom and Summer singing together. haha :) cuuuute!

  2. Aren't they cute? They're soooo good. I really imagine them ending up together. Haha. It's one of my fangirl wishes really. Though, I don't know if that would ever come true. XP


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