Sunday, January 22, 2012

Without You...

This is a scene in the Yes/No episode of Glee Season 3. I haven't watched the whole episode yet... but this.. is making me cry. T^T

Yes. For some reason, I am crying. It's not supposed to be a sad scene, but I don't know. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by all the emotions of the song, or Leah Michele's voice, or the way Finn and Rachel looked at each other, or the way the other characters look at Finn, or the smooth , sweet falsetto of Leah's voice. Waaah! I'm going nuts!

I know, from the start, that Leah Michele is phenomenal. But her voice in this song was not her usual over the top tone (maybe the echoes & the arrangement helped), and the acting was pretty real. I swear I'm about to melt while she looked in Finn's eyes with a reassuring smile in her face - like she's falling in love with him over again. The love in her eyes - that's what I'm talking about. No matter what others say, or no matter how some episodes were messed up or the plot badly written, these guys can truly act.

Well, excuse me while I go download this episode. :)

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