Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yey! My BDJ Lifestyle Card finally found its way! :)

Weeeh! After so much trouble and an endless thread of e-mails, my BDJ Lifestyle card finally found it's way home in my hands. XP The courier found it hard to locate our place for some reasons I don't know, but luckily, everything's finally settled. All's well that ends well, I guess. 

I was too happy when my mother handed it to me that I quickly ripped the envelope to get my hands on this one. I've waited, I think, almost a month to get this. I was just so thankful. I don't really know what I'd do in case my card get stranded, and the courier won't deliver it ever. Haha, I was sooo paranoid really. But, all the wait's over.

Now, my set's complete! My Belle de Jour Planner + my BDJ Lifestyle Card = FUN & FAB. This is planning, the chic way. Way to be organized. I've never been this excited owning a planner ever since i started using one. Thank you BDJ Team (@BDJBuzz), and sorry for bothering you with my e-mails. I just have to wait for upcoming events for me to further enjoy being a Bella. Ciao! :)


  1. Nice one! haha! but, I'm just curious where do you use the BDJ card? for shopping? haha sorry, I'm so clueless. haha!

  2. @Kit It's a membership card. It also serves as a pass whenever the BDJ people have some events.. Hihi. And yeah, for shopping. They've partnered with some known brands, so when you present your card, you can get some discount or perhaps an upgrade. :)

    1. (OMG. super late reply!) aaaahh! ang cool! I only know about the discount coupons na nasa planner kasi my friend owns one. :)


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