Saturday, February 18, 2012

Georgia on my Mind

This is probably my American Idol fan girl acting up... but I must admit: Idol did play a major role in me liking jazz music. it sure fired me up a bit more when two of my most favorites Idol contestants walked that stage: Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams, both with their growly, jazzy voices. And ever since they appeared on the show, people began to appreciate jazz music more, and sure enough, they proved to be visionaries for this season, many jazz crooners are in it in the show.

One song that has been used, and cliched to the bone ever since I remember watching Idol is Georgia on my Mind. Oh yes, the same old song, different arrangement, different styles, different range. During the course of my experience watching Idol, this song has proven to be an ear worm (well, depending on how it is sung)And this season is no exception.

During Hollywood week, there are a bunch who covered this in my heart's delight. Here are the ones that stood out in my opinion:

1. Jen Hirsch 

This lady was really something. I mean, really. Slow start, with a cabaret-ish feel to it. And you know what? I like it. How she caresses the lyrics and took time for the song to build up until it reached the chorus where she belted some serious notes. It sounded as somewhat more like a ballad  when she started reaching for the high notes, but for some strange reason, I loved it. And she sure deserved that standing O the judges gave her.

2. Adam Brock

The presence of Haley and Casey accustomed my ears to some serious melodic growling, so Adam was dear to my heart. Another raspy, growly singer. He kinda reminds me of Danny Gokey back in Season 7, not that I don't like him, but it just feels weird. Nonetheless, this version was also something. And I would really love to have see growling, edgy artists back on stage.

3. Reed Grimm

And finally, Reed Grimm. Everyone was going gaga over Heejun Han, but this man is definitely my bet for this season. I seriously think he would be in the Top 12 or 13, whatsoever. From the quirky over the top group numbers, to his hilarious song choice of "I've got a golden ticket" from Willy Wonka (that was a fitting choice I guess), and to this. Given that he sang Georgia on my Mind, he really made a mark on me. Haha, I know I'm pretty biased. But who cares. Lol. He may be a bit hyperactive/energetic or whatever you would describe that, and a bit too much sometimes, but screw it, here is talent. He makes real music. Plus the fact that he thought about this performance almost in impromptu, I mean, seriously? He could pull off something like that in such a short amount of time? That's genius! i hope he would go far in the competition.

But no matter how I blabber about  these Season 11 performances, still, nothing can beat the first time this song made a mark on me. Oh yes, my baby love Casey made me fall in love with this song instantly, and made the stand up bass look as if it were the sexiest instrument in the world. Haha. I know, his charisma just always get into me. I really cracked up when I read his Twitter description: "I am Casey and I play the Bassy." XD. Well, so much about that, here is the performance, and please take note of the Steven's lovely vocalising in the background:

Oh, you big hairball of cuteness! :*

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