Saturday, February 11, 2012


I was visiting @ vivatgerina last night, and I saw THIS!

Waaah! New Game of Thrones Season 2 Teaser Trailer. And tease they did!

Tyrion: "I understand how the way this game is played..."

Tyrion's bad-assery. Goodness! I can't wait to finish Game of Thrones (book) and head on to A Clash of Kings - quick! Oh well, some lurkers there in YouTube warned us off to not look into the comment section because some jerks are spoiling it but I can't help but look anyway. Haha. Besides, I've already looked at some Wikipedia pages because of how the series rocks my world. And though I pretty much know what happens in the first book, I'm still trying to finish it (I'm currently on 500+ page of the 700+ pages in my e-book). It's taking up some time really, because this is not some book you go about reading when you just don't know what to do. This book need concentration! It's selfish, I know. XD I swear I'll buy the whole series in NBS, because it is now available in BOX SETS! I can't survive the whole series just reading it at e-book, y'know?

Okay, from useless book ramblings.. continuing on to my fan girling:

This just bring my excitement to a whole new level! I mean, seriously? This has got to be the most epic of all the epic series produced that I've seen. Game of Thrones for the WIN! XD Gawd, I'm so excited! :))

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