Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why I swear over vanity products

I’ve been putting this off for too long deciding whether or not to post something like this. But since I figured out that THIS blog is MINE and I can put anything I like in here depending on how I like them, I’m sharing this anyway. XP

I don’t know if this will come a bit of a surprise, but aside from Book blogs, I also do follow a good deal of fashion and makeup bloggers. I don’t know if it’s my insecurity acting up, but I do love to read everything they’re about to say about what products are in, what are worth it or not to buy, what clothes to wear, and what pieces go together with which. And since I have some products I use on my own, I would just like to give them a wee bit of space in this blog of mine. This blog is a collection of things that I love, and I love these products to the bone.

1.       Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-1 Skin Transformer BB Cream

Maybelline Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer B.B Cream in 02 Natural, P299.00

There was a time when zits are appearing nonstop in my face it almost drove me nuts. So I decided to search on the internet of products that would help me with this problem, first on I was on moisturizer, and then it was when I stumbled upon an article that I think is about secrets of Korean celebrities on their flawless, soft skin. I really admire their complexions, and it turned out, this product - BB, cream is a craze in there.

BB cream, are supposed to mean Blemish Balm cream. As we all know, cosmetic surgery is literally abused in Korea so products to heal the scars of these said procedures are quite in demand. Yes, this was some kind of a skin healing therapy, at first, given by dermatologists after surgical procedures and since the results were favourable, it rose to fame, and sooner earned a name for itself as a coveted cosmetic product. Almost all Korean celebrities use it I think, including Song Hye Kyo whose skin was soo beautiful I can just sulk in the corner and cry. Haha. And so I searched for popular BB cream brands in the Philippines and I found myself reading that Ashley Gosiengfiao is using this. So yeah. There it was. How I discovered the product.

I’ve been using this BB cream for almost five months now, and I can say that ever since I discovered this miracle of a product, I became really dependent to it. And did I mention that it was an ‘8-in-1 Skin Transformer’. It brightens, evens out, smoothens, refines, clears, conceals, moisturizes, and even protect skins. Every good thing in cosmetics combined. It’s not heavy on the face, unlike cream foundations. It was very light it feels as if you just sprayed moisturizer in your face. Plus, it proves to be a good make-up base. My zits are almost gone, and it helped that it conceals scars and my enormous eye bags, though lightly. I can fix myself up 5 minutes before time, and I’m still good to go. This was very convenient, especially when I’m going late to class or any appointment I’m having.

2.       Professional Touch Salon Styling Mousse

Professional Touch Salon Styling Mousse, P121.00

I recently got a perm, and it was proving to be inconvenient at times. But with this product, everything is set. The hairdresser recommended me to buy something like this to set my hair into mood every time I’d go out. Without this, my hair would’ve been a big mess. It holds my hair in place, maintaining the volume that I like.” Volumising. With extra Hold. Conditions and Shines.”, says the product. And it has Pro Vitamin B5 too.
This was one of those products that make me crave for something to eat. Haha. I really enjoyed using this because of how it looked like in my hands. It’s like foam? Somehow, it reminds me of whip creams and God knows how much I love whip creams. You shake it, and spout it like cream. Sometimes I find myself tempted to taste it, but goodness, I hope not. Luckily, I’m still able to control myself. Haha, creepy right?

3.       Maybelline Lip Balm in Strawberry

Maybelline Lip Balm in Strawberry, P80.00

I’m crazy about Maybelline products. And who doesn’t need a lip balm in this weather? ‘Nuff said, I guess.

These products literally help me through every day. They are really relatively cheap, if you know what I mean. I look hideous having just 5 hours of sleep every day, AT MOST! (If that doesn’t emphasize it, I don’t know what will. XD)  And my eye bags and pale face doesn’t really help. For a girl, who rarely goes out because of all the books she had to read even on vacation (school books, and lit books alike) and all the assignments that her professors are piling up on her, this would prove helpful in making me feel that I’m not all the nerd they thought I would be. Being a nerd is a good thing for me, but fixing myself up so I don’t look like I just got up from bed is not a bad idea either.

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  1. I want to try a bb cream. haha. thanks for recommending something.

    1. You should really give it a try, kit! It's very useful.. haha.. :))


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