Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Will you be that love for me?"

This is Marry You / Marry Me by Korean singer (and my ultimate girl crush) Kim Hyun Joong. It was recently released digitally, and he said that it was dedicated to his fans yet this is not the thing that led me to post this in my blog. It's not the song, though I don't pretty much understands what he says unless I translate it XD, it was the video itself.

See for yourself:

Ain't it cute? The use of sand art was pretty unique and brilliant, the images were so cute it almost felt hand drawn. This was really excellent work for me, And I don't know, no matter how much I don't understand the lyrics, something about this makes me smile every time I watch and listen to this. Maybe it's how KHJ's voice caresses the lyrics on acoustic (BTW, I totally love his acoustics solos). Or it's the video playing on me. I don't know, I just love Kim Hyun Joong oppa to bits, that I don't know which specific part I love in this.

But seriously, this video was sooo heartwarming. The story arc was simple enough, things you could see almost everyday, yet the approach to show it was pretty awesome. It felt like my ideal love story is unraveling before my very eyes. At some point, I even imagined myself settling for something like this. Simple, maybe not perfect, but in the end, it all boils down to the happiness of each other's company as you build your own world, create your own family, and live your life in total happiness. After watching it, I can't help but feel warm inside - happiness, I guess. It never failed to make me smile.

The lyrics were good too, very romantic though shallow for my tastes, as with most Kpop songs when translated to english. (Click HERE for the english translation of the song.) After reading it, I pretty much wish I am the one he's singing it for. Haha. XP

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