Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spotlight: Aquarion Evol, Episode 10 -'One-Eyed Transfer Student'

When I fangirl over an episode, I can't stop talking about it. And since I've been posting non stop all over Tumblr and Facebook, I figured I just need to post it in here also. :))

One episode. That's all it took for my heart to fall into a whole new different ship. OTP: Jin x Yunoha.

Honestly, I've never really thought much about these two character (just whenever they're on the scene), until this episode. This must've been the most adorable pairing in the whole Aquarion Evol series so far.

The new found cuteness that is in Jin. >.< Fangirl alert.

Before, I was head over heels on Kagura's coolness, but Jin's innocence turn it all around. And when he shoved his hair over her eyes.... I know that things will never be the same again. :3

I'm really digging this ship. And in all fairness, I've never shipped anime characters so hard in just one episode. I can't help it, they're just so innocent and adorable. <3


When Jin held her… and screamed “Yunoha”…and raised his hands..and the background music as Cayenne’s stun ray gun shot hit Jin’s new found barrier. That was just the sweetest thing in the world!

 I was meaning to post a video of that  moment, 'coz GIFs just won't suffice but I just can't find a video of that exact scene at YouTube with the exact song. I mean, I swear, when that song started playing just when they are starting to talk, I knew it would be awesome.... And when it finally hit its chorus the moment Jin's barrier appeared, that was just brilliance. The entrance of that verse at the exact moment. That was just beautiful. :))

Pride ~ Nageki no Tabi [ プライド〜嘆きの旅 ] by AKINO // Composer: Yoko Kanno 
Sousei no Aquarion Original Soundtrack (Prequel of Aquarion EVOL)

And should I mention, the song used in this scene was actually a OST of Aquarion Evol's prequel (Genesis of Aquaria).... and just replayed int his season. It was just genious. The mood of the song and everything in it just fits that scene like a glove. I don't even care if it was just reused or what. The song was just beautiful. Period. Along with any other OST from that anime. 

This anime's just eating my whole brain right now. Haha. I even forgot for a second there that I'm in a crazy ride with Mirai Nikki's twisted plot (another anime that I'm crazy about right now). It's just so.... I don't know. I even imagined Romeo x Juliet there. The way Jin threw a stone at Yunoha's window, and she emerging from there. And him wanting to talk to her, and her being hesitant about it. Right? It just screams Shakespeare's famous balcony scene. XP. Yeah, right, it's just my imagination playing on me. Haha. But well. If you're an anime junkie, I strongly recommend watching this anime. This was soooo good for my liking. I loved it to bits! :))
Note: All images are from Tumblr, unless specifically stated.

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