Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update: As my books cried "Help!" (and other matters that are freaking me out)

Sorry for the lack of post.. it's just that school work and org works are making me crazy I could barely sleep - let alone blog. Haha. (I do read blogs though, when I have the time...) Finals are approaching,  and there seem to be so much to do. 

My title screams "books" but I'm afraid this post is just updates on which books I've been unexpectedly putting on hold, and some I've been trying to squirm myself into finishing despite the busy sched. But when I say that my books are crying for "Help!" I meant it in two different ways. *wink*

x x x

Before anything else, I just wanted to share a cute little thing I found while scouring some school supply shops near our university.

A "Help Me!" Bookmark
I bought the bookmark for only 25 pesos and what a cute treat it has been. :)) It comes in a set of four, with different colors, but I decided I don't really need that much bookmarks now. Maybe next time, I'll buy it in set and send gifts for my bookworm friends. :))

It was clipped in my copy of HM's Norwegian Wood which is sitting idly atop my books and planner. Funny really, whenever I see the hand sticking out of that book, it's like Naoko is calling me and saying "Help me!" inside it. Haha, creepy. If you read the book, you'll know what I'm talking about. Unfortunate as it may seem, I still wasn't able to finish the book despite how beautiful it is because of my hysterical schedule. PlusI'm saving whatever little time I've got for reading into finishing the awfully-long Game of Thrones. 

x x x
On a negative note, though in my dorm-bedside sit some books that I flick through every now and then, these two books (aside form Norwegian Wood) are still in my "currently reading"/"on hiatus" shelf. Well, I've been trying to fit them in, but I guess there's just too many books in my so little time.

Looking for Alaska by John Green; How to Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton

I know I've already finished reading Looking for Alaska in PDF, but I just can't deprive myself of reading it in its full flesh ever since I impulsively bought it in National bookstore a few months ago. I was jumping in and out, wherever chapter they may be, into my favorites parts (particulary anything related to Dr. Hyde's classes) highlighting the last chapters. And since I am basically reading it again, I swore to myself that after everything that I have to do... I'm gonna read it more properly.

Same goes with How to Walk in High Heels. Well, this books is basically just a 'how-to" in everything that concerns a girl.. haha, so it really helps that you can read it anyway you want, chronologically or not. Oh, bless you Camilla Morton for making things easier for me. I flipped into several pages already, and I can say that I've already learned buckets: from choosing which music to soothe the ambiance, to choosing heels, on putting make up, on donning my hair, and several other things that may prove useful in the near future. I just love how this books screams "GIRL!" form the moment you laid eyes on it, continuing to when you flap open its pages. Someday.... hmm, sometime near in the future, I'll be able to finish you I swear!

AND TO NOTE: I am less than a hundred page to go in finishing George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones.. so I can peacefully head out to reading A storm of Swords without that guilty feeling of just-watching-the-series-and-not-reading-the-book thing... :)) Weeeh! It was an awfully long novel, I tell you.

PLUS! Of course, just wanna update...THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE IS FAST APPROACHING! I can't believe it's March 2012 already. It seem just yesterday *char* when I first dreamed of a movie adaptation, and now, here it is, almost less than a month to go before its official showing date. I can't wait! :))

x x x

Well, if you don't think what I've been talking about in the last few paragraphs are random jibber jabbers, I'm pretty sure the following are just ramblings, complaints, and stuffs. :P As I was saying, and I repeat: SCHOOL WORK IS MAKING ME CRAZY! And yes, it does. My major subjects are squeezed tightly this sem, and I can clearly feel it especially now that the the sem is nearing it's end.

Assignments to be worked on when at home, quizzes in all subjects almost everyday, projects yet to be passed and completed, reviewing when you have the time (which in most cases, you don't) and take home final exams to be worked on. Gosh. This is responsible for all the consecutive sleepless nights I've been having, camping with a cup of coffee (or may be two) on hand, plus food to last the night. My eye bags are becoming darker and more puffy than ever, but thanks to my ever so blessed eyeliner and concealer, they don't seem to make much of a difference, or the people around me are just so used to seeing me so groggy and haggard all the time they don't even care. XD Haha. And sometimes, I think my blood pressure is bordering in anemia, again.*sigh* This one instance, I felt like fainting... but then I pulled it together. :|

Piles of school books to be read... and some org docs to be worked on.
And it doesn't help that I also have this major responsibility in our student organization . I'm acting as the current VP for Finance, and since the chapter year is ending, financial documents must be organized, receipts must be filled up and issued, plus the reconciliation and aggregation of accounts to be made. I am needed to assist the one preparing our financial statements, and untill the FS are issued, I can't say that I'm out of the job.

And so yeah, because of how toxic my life is becoming these past few days, I'm doing everything I can to cheer myself up. Haha. I've been writing in my diary non-stop to console my down-spirited self, and been writing motivational quotes in it ever since... I even increased the number of quotes pasted beside my dorm bed for further self boost!

That was a  page in my diary that I wrote while I was reviewing for my exams and was on the verge of tears because I can't comprehend a single thing I've read. Haha, funny when desperation gets the best of me. I remember writing it at almost 2 am and I still haven't read one last chapter and I can't understand it and my exam is 7 am immediately after I wake up. Lol, that freaked me out. But oh well, I guess we all have a way to cope with stress. And this happens to be mine.

Well then, this is becoming awfully long so I guess I must end this post now. I think I won't be able to post for the next couple of days, but I do hope that this is enough to compensate them.. haha (though I'm just pretty much rambling myself out of here). Byeee.... I'm out. :))

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