Wednesday, April 25, 2012

" Love is his rebellion, and without that he’s nothing. "

Reading into the Hunger Games trilogy, we got to see only one point of view, and that is of Katniss. But ever wonder what it would be like to view the capitol, the arena, the games, and the whole of Panem in any other character's eyes? Say Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, or any other tributes in the games, or in the Quarter Quell even? That would be so exciting, right? That's why I'm going to share this. I was scrolling through the Tumblr THG fandom, when I came across this very interesting fan-made Johanna POV - one of the tributes in the 3rd Quarter Quell who once won a Hunger Game herself.

The Capitol from Johanna’s POV.
You’ll get nothing from us, you bastards! I’m sick of the sound of my own voice, but the silence is deafening; Peeta’s quietened down in the cell next to me. I wish he’d shout; I wish he’d scream for Katniss like he used to when we first got here. Now there’s just nothing. I hear him gasp in the middle of the night like he’s breaking the surface of the ocean. Maybe he’s dreaming about the arena. I hope he knows that we got her out; I hope he uses that and holds onto it and gives them hell when they take him into that white room at the end of the corridor. Love is his rebellion, and without that he’s nothing. (via mellarkia)

From the looks of it, I think this is from when she and Peeta were taken captive by the Capitol after the arena was destroyed by the other co-tributes (Catching Fire). It so awesome, I immediately reblogged the photoset. Gotta love the last line. Give it to Johanna, being a true-blue rebel. Some times, I'm amazed how fandoms gives so much inspiration for its members to be making such quality works. >.<

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