Friday, April 27, 2012

Site Makeover + Song Cover + Random Things :)

This post ain't much, but I'm gonna be sharing a couple of things.

First: a site makeover. Haha. I was feeling a bit frilly and girly the other day, that when I viewed my blog (which is formerly enveloped in so much black) I felt that it was extremely depressing. LOL. So I decided to tweak things a little  - and so I ended up with this:

Jaraan! Hehe. I decided to go back to my old template, courtesy of Gisele Jaquenod. You could check out her blog too, she's offering a bunch of free cute blogger templates featuring Birdie. :)) It's a bit too cutesy for my content, but what the hell... haha, I love putting in content with this kind of themes. The site's not complete yet, there are a couple of gadgets that I haven't been able to put up, but this serves fine. Hehe, I especially love the banner. Too cute, I think that should do it. It actually lokked a bit more homely to me now that I think about it. >.< (This blog has been changing it's template for 3 times or so this year, >.<)

Second: the song cover. This must be strange coming from me but I just recorded a cover of Krissy and Ericka's 12:51. With the crappy background, and the silly voice, plus my barely-learned guitar playing skills, hehe, making this entertained my otherwise boring secluded-inside-the-house life these past few days. I present to you, my first ever video cover (in which I suck sooo bad), haha. XD

Y u so haggard in the vid? >.<

12:51 wasn't the prettiest song to cover.. but what can I do.. haha, the chords were simple, and my voice is a joke - so gotta live on to it. Not pretty thought at, I know. I even have a small slip with the lyrics by the end. LOL. (I am still thinking whether to post it in my Tumblr or not. So many would see if I do that... >.<)

Third: some photos we took while bored. We just accompanied my brother because he took his college entrance exam, and we brought our camera so we struck a pose. Talk about killing time.

[photo spam alert!]

Nothing special eh. Hehe. Just wanna share some of the few pictures I have this summer. Plus my father, too. A few days from now, he would go off to Saudi again. We'll surely miss him for another year. Better freeze the moment. It's too hot these past few days, it's hard to face the camera without looking haggard as hell. XD

Few random things, in bullets:
  • I finally finished "A Clash of Kings"! Yey! 2nd book crossed out, now I'm heading to the 3rd. My Song of Ice and Fire Reading Challenge is going on smoothly. Will be posting my review in the next days to come. :))
  • My supposedly-planned Baguio trip would be cancelled, I'm afraid. I'm cutting back with expenses, so there's no helping it though I am pretty much bored in being inside the house all the time - along with this heat, But seven hells, I would definitely reschedule. Maybe next year or so. :|
  • I got my grades from last semester. And they were a bit disappointing, though I just barely missed my target. I'm still thinking if I'm doing a full-length post about it 'coz it's a bit depressing for me to talk about. We'll see.
  • See how boring my life is? I gotta laugh at that. I know - all I do is talk about feelings, fictional characters, books, and everything made up in my head. I seriously think I'm missing the whole living-in-action thing. LOL.


  1. this was a fun post with the pics and song cover : )

  2. hi lexi! :) thanks for the comment and appreciating my silly song cover. haha. thanks for following by the way. :)


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