Friday, May 25, 2012

Lola, on her 81st. :)

This also happened last Sunday, May 20th -- but I decided to put up a separate post because this one is about one of the people I loved and respected most in my life: my Grandma. :))

Though I don't want to miss so much in Brianna's baptism, I can't really leave out my Grandmother's birthday so I gave my thanks to Brianna's mother, and headed out to go to my Lola's house.

My Lola was really born in the 21st.  But they decided to celebrate it in the 20th because 1) it's a Sunday and 2) people usually don't work on Sundays. See, this is one event of the year where each and everyone of us (our family, my father's side) gather to celebrate. Sometime, it's even more important than Christmas, or the New Year's, because we always fit our schedule with this day. Rain or shine, we must attend. Because that was the only wish our dear Lola has every year. For us to bond, even once every year.

So yeah, back to the birthday. This was a special day. With simple treats. But since each and every one of us is there (well, almost), everyone was happy.

It was her 81st birthday! Yep! Hooray for that age. Hehe, we cousins used to joke around that that age was actually flipped., saying it's actually 18 and not 81. Haha. And we laughed harder. XD

Our simple feast. :)) Few party staples, and we're solved. 

Lola, blowwing off her candles. Hehe. We have to do it over and over to capture the perfect shot. But mine was still not perfect. Hehe. Huzzah!

Me, and my cousin. With our Lola. 

My family,striking a pose with Lola. Hehe, We're not totally complete here. Papa was abroad, and my dear brother Jaypee had something urgent thing to do somewhere. So we're the Ponciano family, less 2. :P

Each famiy get to strike a pose with her, but I just posted ours. Hehe, it would've been a photo spam as it is without the whole album. Hehe. My poor Lola, becoming a photo backdrop. But not totally a backdrop since she's in the front. :)) More like a celebrity. :D And she looks like she's enjoying it, so bugger that. :))

Me with my beloved LOLA. I've done everything I could to make this photo right, but I'm not really skilled at Photoshop, so yeah, that just how it is. 

My sister with my cousin. Uhm, they're really good friends. And I just have to post this because they look stunning together. :))

It was a really fine day, that day. :))

Manage to snap a photo with my brother. Haha. Brother, y ur face like that?

And then, with my mother.

This was such a very long day. Yet I enjoyed it all the same. I haven't been out of the house so much this summer, because you know, I'm usually a house-type of person. Hehe. So I really make the most out of the time I leave home. And this certainly is fun. :)) 

(Taken with instagram)
Plus: Things that make me happy are simple. Hehe. Like a simple remark that goes "you've gained some weight". :)) Haha, that made me really ecstatic, because I've been really trying hard to gain weight. My mother always teases me that I looked malnutritioned  or whatever. Some girls are always complaining about their weight, but I have always been a skinny one it's not even funny. So I'm really glad. Hehe.


  1. Wow- 81 :) And she looks fantastic! ♥ Looks like a fun day :) That's nice that ya'll get together on that day- no matter what ♥

    Fun, fun! And you all looks gorgeous in your pictures! ♥
    xoxo Jordan♥

    1. she looks fantastic as ever despite her age. and thanks for complimenting my photos. hehe. I was sooo worn out that day I feared my pictures won't look fine. :))

      thanks for commenting, Jordan. :))


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