Friday, May 25, 2012

May 20th...

Well, last Sunday has been a very long day. May 20th to be exact. I was supposed to post it immediately, but my energy was just too low by the time I got home that all I did was freshen up, eat a bit of dinner, and sleep - immediately. Hehe, I wasn't really the type to sleep off things since I'm always online most of the time when the clock strikes 12am this summer, so just imagine how exhausted I was. XP

First off, I just have to vent out that I ATTENDED MY FIRST BAPTISM. As a godmother, at least. (Godmother was a bit too mature, can we just switch off to 'godsister' if that ever existed? XD). Well, as a Christian, things like that happen all the time. Girls and boys my age have had their fair share of these things already, but I, on the other hand, is just starting to get a hang of these kind of things. LOL. I may be a bit outspoken, always venting out, in the internet/virtual world, but in reality, I am a really reserved person. I don't usually go out and mingle with other people, especially those who I don't really know that much or I just met the first time. I don't usually talk to people. Even my closest friends knew that, so silence is a given factor in my company. In other words, I AM SOCIALLY AWKWARD. Bugger that. XD

So yeah, back to the topic. This is not my first time being a godmother of sorts, but I wasn't really able to go to the official ceremony that time. So this makes this time a FIRST TIME, I guess?

Here are some decent shot I grabbed in Facebook:

Me, carrying baby Princess Brianna. What a cute name, eh? :*

Haha. imagine how totally left out I am. I don't even know almost all of them, but I gave it my best despite the fact that I'm usually really uncomfortable around so many people. I may look a bit awkward, but hey, nobody can claim that I haven't tried! XD

Then after that, my favorite part: FOOD TIME! >.< Her mother organized a reception of sorts after the event in the church. We went in this fairly-secluded restaurant around our place that I didn't even know existed prior that day. And I swear, I could've lived there. The food was sooooo amazing and delicious, I could've died. Hehe. Some of my most favorite foods are in the menu, so bugger everything I just proceeded in eating. :P

I can't really remember the name of the restaurant for the life of me, but I really promised to myself that I would come back there and eat some more. Hehe. I had a very thick slice of Chicken Cordon Bleu, my favorite, right there in my plate. And though I don't normally eat Carbonara, I know that this is probably the best pasta I've ever tasted. Right there. I even had seconds. Hehe. Thats how delicious it is (coming from me who don't really have the biggest appetite). The soup was also fantastic. I mean, everything was fantastic! :))

This is the only decent picture I took of her. But isn't she cute?? Those fluffy cheeks! :))
Princess Brianna.
I didn't stay long, because I have this event I have to go to after that (which will be in my next post).... but overall, this was such a nice experience despite the whole awkward thing going on in my head. :*

The second event at the next post ahead... :))


  1. Looks like fun- even if you didn't know a lot of people there... :)

    Brianna is ADORABLE! ♥
    With those big chubby cheeks- she reminds me of a friend of mines little baby girl, Meadow :)


    1. yeah, right? hehe. i especially love those cheeks. makes me want to pinch her whenever I see her. And i just love that name, Meadow is it? Hope I could catch a glimpse of her, too.Thanks for commenting Jordan. :))


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