Friday, May 18, 2012

Vanity Roll: Wish's Beach Babe Nail Polish

Since there's really nothing much going on in my life right now that's worth blogging, I'll just have to continue on whatever things I've got in hand. Hehe,. So now, I'm just gonna pose as a beauty guru and blog about vanity and all. I've always loved beauty and make-up blogs, and sometimes, I imagine myself being one. LOL. And so.... Here's to me, and my shameless ambition. >.<

Summer is cool. and it gives us far more reasons to don bright colors to make a hot day bearable and fun. Bright-colored nail polishes are in the rave these days, and when I think about it, I haven't painted my nails in quite too long now. And so, when I saw this nail polish set sitting in Watson's racks, I instantly grabbed it and headed to the cashier. :P

Wish's Beach Babe collecion comes in a trabsparent plastic box with this cute sticker on. Totally girly, eh?
Plus, it's totally affordable, costing only 59 PhP ($1).

The set included three cute and brightly-colored nail polishes, a toe separator, and a nail brush.

Comes in cute colors. :))
Baby Blue, Hot Pink, and Ube Shake (l to r)

Haha, ignore my overly-trimmed nails. Haha, I'm used to trimming them to the roots. LOL.
My nails, after I painted them.

In the end, I chose Ube Shake for my nails. I don't know why, but I kinda like violet these days. Through I know that Red is definitely my favorite color, my mind wanders to different shades once in a while.

My nails looked a bit weird in violet, but it is fun. Looking forward to trying the remaining to shades. :))

And to you who reads this, sorry for putting you in a drag with this boring post. Lololol. >.< 

That is all. XD

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