Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bookwormism on a rainy day. :3

Immersing myself in The Firm instead of paying much attention to my Accounting books. Haha. I think relaxation is pretty important... LOL.

The book has a very promising plot... and it's nice to point out that the protagonist is a CPA-lawyer. :)) From where I am now, things are starting to get interesting. It's just nice to be reading Grisham again.

Other book updates:

  • On page 922/1133 of A Storm of Swords (ASoIaF #3). I am sooo glad that I am finally on the verge of finishing this awfully-long-but-still-quite-enjoying monster-of-a-book. A Feast for Crows is next, but I guess I'll just rest for a month on the series after I finish ASOS. There are still far more important things to do, and it's taking much of my time. Enough of the politics and intrigues for a while.
  • My friend just lend me a copy of Shopaholic and Baby -- and I must say, it is freaking hilarious! I just read the first few ages and my jaw already hurts from laughing so hard. XD But I'll just put it on hold, since I think I'm far more interested in the book I'm holding right now.
With that, I'm off. Jacket draped in my shoulders. A cup of coffee in my right hand. And a pretty good book in my left. :)

God, how I love the cold! :3


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