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Acc 5-1 goes to Batangas... for the last time?

July just flew fast, right? Haha. Though I was feeling a bit guilty because of the extreme lack of posts last month, I can't really do much about it. I've been experiencing "the block" lately, and it also doesn't help that my laptop keys "o" and "p" are currently not working. Plus, loads of work to be done at school... and I can just feel my online social life seeping through my fingers if not for the ├╝ber-generous services that @tweetitow has to offer -- I mean, free tweeting on your phone whenever you go? Seems like a deal eh. :))

On the other hand, this post is not really just about that. Well, first off... I would like to thank @ixtinmhei, a classmate of mine for this post's title. She tweeted it when we were at the event. And I just realized that this was probably our last congress, since next year -- *clap and a shout of glee -- we'll ALL be graduating with a degree. Yey! :))

On our way to Batangas...
Well, last Sunday, the JPIA-CvSU delegation went to Batangas to attend the annual Accountancy Students Congress which was started by the ACPAE IV BoD last year. And since our Department Head was re-elected as a member of the Board, we also attended to show our support.

For lack of a better angle, but this would do... The stage setup as we see it.
Almost 32 schools attended the said event if I'm not mistaken, that made the place so jam-packed some of the students didn't manage to find a seat. After a series of suspended classes and working days due to heavy rain in our region, it was still lucky after all that the event pushed though at the planned date.

See? Jam-packed, is it not?

Recognition of certain participants/educators

This was Mr. Rufo Mendoza, Vice Chairman of the Board of Accountancy (BoA).

Mr. Win Lu Ballada, CPA, writer, and the President of ACPAE IV for this year
Well, several speakers were in attendance and they talked about a lot of things under the sun related to the practice of accountning... but I want to note one particular speaker...

This is a snapshot of Mr. Vincent Abella, Partner at SGV & Co.
He talked about what it was like working in one of the most notable auditing/accounting firms in the country and shed light to the oppotunities that await us after we graduate and pass the board exams. I don't know if it's just me, but he gave the impression that working in his firm was really a worthwhile experience. Not that I don't believe that it is, of course, if you would work in a company that is so wildly known in your country and even have ties internationally, who wouldn't want that? It's just that the mere fact that one is working in SGV & Co. gives off the impression that it would just be all work, and no play. That's how competitive they are. You know what I mean? Hehe. I don't know if you understand... but his presentation put the firm in a new light for me. Especially the promotional video that he showed to all of us about why we should choose SGV. I was surprised to know that they have various clubs inside the firm itself, like a photography club, and even a glee club, They even have this club where you would be in an in depth understanding with regards to blogging and social media. It was very engaging, and sure made me wish to work there even more that I want today. :)

Our Department Head, Ma'am Victorino. :)
After that followed a string of speakers... and I would also want to note about what Engr. Ana Maria Bongato, Executive Director of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), talked about. She talked about the emerging industry of BPOs in the Philippines, and I could say, it was very interesting. The jobs, and even the salary. She told us to not just consider traditional jobs, because the emerging jobs today has more potential than the former. She ended her presentation with the words: "IT-BPO: Work abroad. Live here." See what I mean? Who wouldn't consider it. :D

Everything ended just that...with smile on our faces that it was finally finished and the new information we have acquired through this event.

Ah, I almost forgot... a t-shirt design contest was also held in the same event... I was rooting for our schools, of course hehe, though I really thought that we have a good chance at winning that. But unfornately, we didn't get the prize. But still, I can't deny that our design was cute. XD

This is it. Adorable isn't it? This is accompanied by an essay by Kim, our present Secretary General detailing the symbolism included in this piece. Sadly, I wasn't able to get a copy. It was pretty good, though. :)
And of course, after all of that, came the never ending photo ops:
[Photo spam alert]

The 'call me maybe' pose. Haha. It's been a while, but this fad is still in the air.

Pogi. XD

Posing beside the gigantic tarpaulin. We couldn't get in the center, and have a good view of it because the students flocked there like crazy. Of course we have to give way.
Another one. :))

Last shot before leaving the gym.

5-1 (incomplete) with Sir Win Lu. The view was nice, ain't it? XD

Us strikin a pose with students from other school. Hehe, forgot to ask which school they came from. They're actually the winner for the t-shirt design competition.
Our whole delegation... with our beloved faculties. :)

With others students again.

Gorgeous girls, Lilet and Bianca. :)

From L to R: Mae, ME, Tin, Bianca, Lilet, Hannah, and Abby

Toire. :) From L to R: Lilet, Aubrey, Bianca, Arra, Boss, KC and Jean. :)

Camwhoring at the top of the steps. XD

H.E.A.R.T. My closest acc friends. :)) From L to R: Edz, Tin, Hannah, Abby, and ME

Another one.
After that, we rode our way back to our province and separated. That was such an enjoying event, and it provided further opportunity for all of us to bond together especially when our time in college is nearing it's end. 

So long... Ciao!
~ R

PS. Wasn't able to bring my camera at the event, so these pics are just grabbed from my classmates with their permissions. (c) bianca, lilet, and abby.

See the whole album by clicking HERE.


  1. Eto yung design na nasa souvenir na tumbler nung Mid Year Convention ng R4JPIA! :))) Diba diba? :) Ang cute pa lang tignan pag nasa shirt :)

    1. talaga? hehe. parang i heard nga na gagamitin yung design for a certain purpose. i never knew because i wasn't able to attend the convention. i suppose you're from R4. hi! nice to meet you. what brought you in my blog...? hehe. curious lang. xoxo.


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